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Back to 80s

For someone who was born in 1960s or 1970s they would have cherished their life the most in 1980s and am no exception to it. Am going to go back to my school days and remember the things that I have liked the most in 80s that I miss today. Hopefully, I will also take […]

WhatsApp and Forward

I was never on social media until ten years back. I completed school more than three decades back, around fifteen of us were always in touch very closely, meeting and spending time with our family and participating in any of the family function and knowing what happens in our life every day. Around sixteen years […]

My Travel Diary Karnataka

Whenever there is a long weekend, people in Bangalore will be out for a long drive. Am not an exception to this, we plan a trip to one of the weekend getaways from Bangalore well in advance. We leave from Bangalore early in the morning hoping we will avoid the early morning traffic jam, not […]

Commercial Astrology

Astrology is the study of influence that stars and sun have on human life. It is believed the position of sun, moon, planets and stars at the time of birth will have an influence on someone’s education, career, relationship and other events. Astrology starts with drawing a horoscope based on time and place of birth. […]


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Sridhar Vishwanathan

About Me

Am here to write what I like, places I traveled and athletes I have watched, liked and followed. I keenly follow Formula One, MotoGP and Tennis, worship Michael Schumacher. I like travelling, love nature and wildlife. There is no day for me without running and yoga. Let’s stay positive and let’s spread anything positive.

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