My Travel Diary Europe I

I have always admired the beauty of Europe on Television and Internet. I first traveled to Europe around 7 years back and it still lives on my mind so fresh. My work took me to a place near Leeds for few months. During the weekdays it was only work and this place did not have much to see. One great experience I wont forget during my stay here is the snowfall. Coming from India I have never experienced snow. On one of the evenings the weather forecast was snow and we were eagerly waiting for the moment. I traveled with a team and when it started snowing, we came out of our rooms, clicked lot of photos and were also playing. After this wonderful experience I have never enjoyed snowfall much, it becomes difficult to commute to work.

During our stay near Leeds, weekend was fun and I had been to Manchester once and London few times. Manchester was exactly a hour by Bus and London was around 5 hours. I have made the advance booking for my trips and also planned what to see.

Manchester The Bus drive to Manchester was so scenic and beautiful. I wanted to click lot of pictures but couldn’t. As the bus was approaching Manchester everything was red. All the houses were painted red and anything I see is red. Those days I used to watch English Premier League and during the days of Christaino Ronaldo I was a fan of Manchester United. After the bus dropped me at Manchester, I took a metro to Manchester United Stadium and I have also made reservation to Manchester United Museum Tour. As part of the tour, we were taken around the stadium, we were taken to players room, players box and what was exciting is we were even allowed to wear players jersey and shoes and also have a look at the trophies.

London I traveled to London few times and this is one of the most beautiful place I had been to. My friend was in London and he took me around to few of the important places. I also went around London by Red Bus few times. I went around Tower Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Shard, Greenwich observatory, Lords Stadium and Madame Tussauds. Am a vegetarian and I enjoyed my lunch at Woodlands located in Paddington. I also had a nice walk at Hyde Park. One important place I missed going is Wimbledon, hopefully I will go on a personal tour to London soon and I wont miss visiting Wimbledon.

I had been to all the most important places in Europe, I will write about these in my next blogs. What I like about Europe is we can see Nature at its Best. What I also like about Europe is the Public Transport. If it is an International Holiday my choice will be always Europe. I love nature and naturally I love Europe.

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