My Travel Diary Canada

I traveled to Canada more than 4 years back. This was before my back to back travel to Europe. I took my favorite Emirates from Bangalore to reach Montreal. I was in Montreal for more than 5 weeks, when I think of Montreal what immediately comes to my mind is the unpleasant chill weather. After landing at Montreal, we straight went to Crown Plaza, this was our home for 5 weeks. We were a small team that traveled from India for Business. We know even before our travel it is a going to be a very busy schedule and hence, we have to plan well our trip to Niagara and Toronto.

Montreal Montreal is the coolest place I have visited till now. We were arranged a bus for commute between Crown Plaza and Office. Even though we were wearing our thermals and blazer, we used to sprint from the bus station in office to the office door. This was only around 50 metres, still it was extremely cold that we used to sprint. I can run fast and most of the days I will open the door for others. Crown Plaza did not have a kitchen and we have to rely on restaurants for lunch and dinner. Even before leaving from here my team did a good research of hotels, on the very first day we went to Thanjai Restaurant which specializes in South Indian food. This was our home for food during our stay at Montreal. In Montreal we went to downtown few times. We were completely occupied with work and one of the weekend we made reservation for the tour of Niagara.

Thousand Islands On the tour of Niagara, the trip started with a visit to Thousand Islands. It is a 3 hour drive from Montreal to reach Thousand Islands and it takes 3 hours to reach Toronto from here. Thousand Islands is a group of around 1,800 islands along the border of Canada and US. Most of these islands are occupied by beautiful single residence houses. We took a cruise to see the beauty of Thousand Islands, this is one of the most beautiful place in Canada.

Toronto Our next halt was at Toronto. Before reaching Toronto we had the opportunity to watch the traffic on the busy Toronto Highway. On reaching Toronto we went to CN Tower. CN Tower is around 550 metres high located in downtown Toronto. This was the tallest free standing structure until Dubai had its Burj Khalifa and the tallest tower until China had its Canton tower. It was fun going to the top of CN tower and clicking some nice pictures. We were able to see Toronto Islands from CN Tower. Before checking into a hotel for night stay we also went to Nathan Philips Square and few other important landmarks in Toronto.

Niagara and Niagara on the Lake Next day morning we reached Niagara. Even before reaching the falls we were able to hear the sound of water. It was so scenic to watch the water flow from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. Niagara is located between Ontario province in Canada and New York state in the United States. We took a boat ride to go closer to the falls to experience the sound of water flowing from the top. After spending few hours at Niagara we went to Niagara on the Lake. This is a small beautiful town which is around 15 minutes drive from Niagara. Niagara on the Lake is known for wineries and what we were told by our guide is, this place is pensioner’s paradise.

We had nice 5 weeks at Montreal and returned home to a nice comfortable weather. When we were leaving I was taught of a term, cabin fever. This means people stay inside their houses or stay inside a car or stay in office. They hardly step out on the road to walk or run during winter. When I think of Canada or Montreal, i can only imagine the unpleasant weather.

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