My Travel Diary Istanbul

I traveled to Istanbul more than 2 years back. I was lucky to go twice, I was unlucky that my first trip was very short, lot of meetings and also was unwell. As usual I took an Emirates flight from Bangalore to reach Istanbul. This was a short trip for 2 days. I came out out of Istanbul Airport and took a cab to the hotel. I thought for a moment am at Bangalore seeing the traffic. When I looked at the Landscape everywhere I know it was not Bangalore. When I saw the tall buildings and speeding cars I know I reached Istanbul. I got an upgrade to Emirates Business Class and my bad time, the lunch resulted in a bad stomach. I checked in the hotel and took some medicine. I skipped the next day breakfast and lunch so that I wont have issues completing my business meetings. Around the evening I had a nice Turkish tea with some nice cookies. I was hearing someone talking about Turkish delight and also what is good to eat at Turkey. I skipped my dinner so that I will be perfectly fine next day. After around 30 hours I had food, joined the hotel breakfast, started with few slices of bread and honeycomb, fresh and the most tastiest honey that I have tasted. My meetings were over on time, reached the airport and took my return flight to Bangalore. I only saw tall buildings, traffic, landscape, tasted Turkish coffee, tea and honeycomb in my first visit. I didn’t have the time to go around Istanbul, I know am returning again in 2 weeks for more than a month.

Panorama view from Hotel

I again took an Emirates flight from Bangalore to reach Istanbul. Luckily I didn’t get an upgrade and importantly had no health issue on arrival. I took a cab to the service apartment, our accommodation was booked in one of the premium service apartment in Istanbul, I checked in my room at 37th floor. This time I also had a team traveling with me. We were cooking our own food during the weekdays and during the weekend we join together and cook. The weather was very cold at Istanbul and hence, I was using the corridor for my morning walk and did yoga in my room. During the weekend I used to wake up late, go out and run when the sun is out. We were very much occupied with work during the weekdays and we had our schedule planned for weekend even before we reached Istanbul, go around Istanbul, have fun and click pictures.

Bosporus The Bosporus is a narrow waterway located in northwestern Turkey. Bosporus is on the boundary of Asia and Europe, on one side of Bosporus is Anatolia and on other side is Thrace. One side of Bosporus is Asia and the other side is Europe.

I took few boat rides around Bosporus Straits and here are some of the best clicks.

Hagia Sophia Museum and The Blue Mosque Hagia Sophia started as a cathedral, became a mosque and now a Museum. What I read about this great landmark is this was built around 1,500 years ago. Sultan Ahmed Mosque known as The Blue Mosque was constructed between 1609 and 1616. This is a functional mosque and also attracts lot of tourist.

Grand Bazaar we also visited the Grand Bazaar few times. This is the oldest and largest covered markets in the world with 61 covered streets and more than 4,000 shops. This place attracts more than 2,50,000 visitors per day. This is considered the first shopping mall of the world. Whenever I visited this place I didn’t take my camera and hence, couldn’t click one.

During our stay at Istanbul we tasted Turkish coffee, tea and delights whenever we went out. We also tasted the most famous Baklava. When I was at the Airport for my return flight, I could see Turkish Delight counters on most of the Airport and I did pick few for my family back home.

When I think of Istanbul what immediately comes to my mind is The Turkish Delight, Baklava, Turkish Coffee and Tea. What also comes to my mind is the Traffic, Tall Buildings and the Landscape. What I liked the most in Istanbul is the public transport. Istanbul is a place with lot of history, some very nice tourist attraction and this must be one of the best holiday destination.

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