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For someone who was born in 1960s or 1970s they would have cherished their life the most in 1980s and am no exception to it. Am going to go back to my school days and remember the things that I have liked the most in 80s that I miss today. Hopefully, I will also take you back to 80s.

Television – Most of us had Black and White Television at home and it was during the 1982 Asian Games we started watching color television in India. My father bought a Color Television around this time, we were the few ones in our community to have a Color Television at home. These were the days when there was no Cable or Dish. There was one National Channel and some of the popular programs I remember are Around the World in 80 days, The Lucy Show, Different Strokes, Spider-Man Cartoon, Star Trek, The Goodies, Chitrahaar (Hindi Movie Songs), Oliyum Oliyum (Tamil Movie Songs). We loved watching the English News in 80s, we did not have the debates and the News Anchor read News with a smile unlike what we watch today. My favorite program was Quiz Time hosted by Siddhartha Basu even though I never answered most of his questions. Finally, going to my favorite subject Sports, we were lucky only to watch live Cricket Test matches played in India, watch only the highlights if played away from India and in Tennis it used to be only the Wimbledon Men’s and Women’s final. We were also lucky to watch the World Cup Soccer final and highlights of Olympics.

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Tape Recorder – We did not have the smart phone those days. We used to have a small Tape Recorder to listen to our favorite songs. I remember buying TDK D-90 cassettes to record my favorite numbers. I also remember using the Tape Recorder as a Radio to listen to my favorite songs and most importantly Cricket Commentary in short wave if India plays matches overseas.

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Sports – As mentioned earlier, I was following only Cricket and Tennis those days. Star Television came to India only in 90s which is when I started following my favorite Formula One and MotoGP. Apart from Cricket and Tennis, we were lucky to watch World Cup Soccer and Olympics. Some of the Athletes of 80s who are still my favorite are Diego Maradona, Chris Evert, Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker, Kapil Dev and Carl Lewis. One thing that always stays on my mind is watching the 1985 Benson and Hedges World Championship of Cricket played in Australia and India winning it.

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Internet – We did not have the internet and we didn’t have Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix and Google. Life was much better without Internet and we were well connected with our friends and family without Internet. Friends were wished on their Birthday with Greeting Card and it was the Postcard that was used to communicate with Family and Friends when we travel.

Subscriber Trunk Dialing (STD Booths) and Telegram – Communication cost was so high those days and there was no mobile phone. We used to have Landline Phone at home and most of us did not have STD or ISD connection to make calls to other cities in India or Overseas. There will be shops with Landline phones to make STD or ISD calls. Also, if there is an emergency or an urgent message that needs to be sent we were relying on Telegram from Post Office. In those days if there was a Telegram delivered at home, people will start worrying before they read, most of the times it will be a message about one of our relatives passing away.

Walkman – We did not have the smart phone and it is impossible to carry the Tape Recorders when we travel to listen to our favorite songs. It used to be the Walkman that will travel with us for songs. These Walkman consume lot of battery and it will be the Reynolds Ball Pen that we used to rewind or forward the cassette.

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Pepsi Cola and Big Fun – We did not have either Pepsi or Coke those days. We used to have Pepsi Cola Ice which is nothing but Ice on a pouch. This used to be very popular those days. Finally, it was the NP Chewing Gum and Big Fun Bubble Gum. NP Chewing Gum was so popular and I don’t remember sitting in the classes without chewing this. Cost of Pepsi Cola Ice was 50 paise, NP Chewing gum 15 Paise and Big Fun 30 paise.

Games – After we return from school or if it is a holiday we will be in our community ground playing cricket, seven stones, Kings etc.., If it is the summer vacation we used to play matches with other community and we will be at our home only to eat and sleep. Thankfully we did not have the Mobile Phone and Video Games. It used to be so much fun playing Cricket with our friends, fighting after the match and next day playing few more matches and fighting. These are the fighting out of the interest we had on the game with our friends after the match and not remembering anything the next day.

I wish we go back to 80s, life was much better without Internet, we were better connected with our friends and family without WhatsApp, as kids we were playing on the Ground and not inside our home and finally Television was much better without Cable or Dish.

Hope you enjoyed going back to 80s. It will be nice if you could use the comments section to share what you liked in 80s. Take Care and Be Safe.

23 thoughts on “Back to 80s

  1. Thank you for taking me back on a nostalgic trip. Life then was simple. Little things would give us immense joy.
    I remember the day we bought a black n white TV, we watched it right from the beginning of transmission…the doordarshan logo coming on 😁. The transmission then was only for a couple of hours.
    For STD calls, the rates would be slashed to quarter at 9 pm. So we would start dialling on the dot. Mind you we didn’t have button phones then. Of we missed that slot, then the lines would get so busy.
    Despite the limited resources, life was good. Thanks again for this post Sri 😇🤗

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    • Same here, if it’s a cricket match, remember watching from DD logo, Who will forget the 9pm discounted STD calls, great old days. Thanks Radhika

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      • Yeste
        R years were so simple and happier with lot of fun and physical work to keep us fit mentally and physically without modern equipments. Watching the street cricket was as interesting as listening to the cricket commentary through radio. We had personal contacts with friends which was more enjoyable than connecting them through WhatsApp ect. Really longing for those days to come back

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  2. Ah.. Those were the days. Electricity used to go out frequently especially during the night.It gave us a free time to play hide and seek, antakshari and do many other things.Also made us miss few of our favourite programs. Information transfer was so slow that sometimes we came to know the result of late night cricket matches only by the next day in the newspapers as the last news bulletin on TV ended at 10 PM.

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    • Yes we did not have the Breaking News culture. You are right when the power goes, there was no back up and if used to be fun. Thanks


  3. Ah, those good old days!! Nirma washing powder advertisement before Sunday evening movie. I remember watching Krishi Darshan when my father bought first black and white tv. Remember watching good old movies between election news…
    I still listen Vividh Bharti in the morning from 6 to 10 am.
    Writing letters and waiting for the postman used to be thrill. I still have collection of 20 years old letters and a few greeting cards!!

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  4. Very nostalgic memories. Evergreen days for sure. We used to love Oliyum Oliyum, chitrahaar, Siddharth Basu’s quiz, Lucy show, Buniyaad etc.
    Sports — cricket was our favourite — whole family used to sit together, enjoy hot pakodas and tea, scream and watch. What a life!
    Though we did not have any cell phone and internet, landline was there but had to ask permission to use it too. But all said and done in the end — we were content, happy and cherished enjoyed small small pleasures with friends. Thanks Sri for taking us down the memory lane again.

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