Is it a TRICK

I saw these two gentlemen when I was at Prague. I went around them to see where the person on the top was seated, I only saw him and I could not see where he was seated. I have read about Illusion, watching it live on the middle of a road in a tourist destination is Awesome. Whenever I see this photo I go back to Prague.

Few lines about Prague – Prague is the largest city in Czech Republic. Prague is known for Old Town Square and colorful buildings. Switzerland , Prague, London, Paris, Venice and Budapest – Whatever or Wherever we click is a delight to our eyes. Walking along the Charles Bridge is always memorable. I was there for a day and visited Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Prague Astronomical Clock, Dancing House and Wenceslas Sqaure. Kindly click to know about my visit to Brno, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Thanks for checking, Stay Safe and Take Care.

8 thoughts on “Is it a TRICK

  1. The person on the top is seated on a platform attached to the rod/stick. It is attached at the place where he is holding the rod and is hidden by his shawl. The sitting platform is also hidden by his clothes.

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  2. My mom used to tell that in her childhood these tricks were displayed on roadside by our poor indian magicians.
    Have you heard Dynamo magician Sri? We had watched a tv series of his magic marvel on History Channel. If you can find it,watch it…It was amazing!

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