We were at Hampi on a holiday and  were staying at Jungle Lodges. This is a beautiful facility with lots of flowers around. I spent good few hours one of the afternoon with my camera clicking these flowers. What I like about Flowers is, it brings various colors and freshness. According to me if we notice any flower closely, they talk. They are so fresh when the day starts and sleeps in the night. Sharing below some of the Hibiscus I clicked. I also clicked various other flowers which I will share in a different post.

Few lines about Hibiscus There are about 220 different species of Hibiscus. Tea made from Hibiscus is rich in Vitamin C, treats high blood pressure, cholesterol and helps in maintaining good health. There are few other medicinal uses of Hibiscus.

Few lines about Hampi I always like staying in a village, Hampi is the perfect place for a long weekend. We had been to Hampi three years back. There are plenty of places to see in Hampi. Jungle Lodges is located in a village at Hampi which was the highlight of our trip. We went to Hampi for 3 days and I liked the early morning running and yoga. It is always healthy and nice to run in a village where we can breathe fresh air. One thing we must avoid at Hampi is the tour guides. It makes sense to make use of Google and decide the places we plan to visit for the day.

7 thoughts on “Hibiscus

  1. Lovely images of this beautiful flower and interesting readings, I’ve never heard about Hampi, it sounds to be a great place to visit, although it is a bit far from Malta.

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