Quality Malayalam Movies

I have a nice Android TV which lets me download any App like how we download Apps in our phones. Few weeks back I downloaded Discovery Plus to watch all the popular documentaries by paying Rs.299 as annual subscription. I was a big fan of Netflix and I regularly watch nice English movies and at times Indian regional movies. What I started realizing these days are we pay a big premium to Netflix when we hardly see new titles getting added. At times since we pay around Rs. 800 per month am forced to watch a movie during weekend thinking let’s do justice for what we pay. Few days back I read about Disney Hotstar and learnt they have good content for kids, documentaries from National Geography and nice movie content in English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil. Yesterday, I took an annual membership by paying Rs.1,499 and signed out of Netflix. I will go back to Netflix when they add more quality titles.

I regularly watch English movies and once in a while watch one of the movies in Indian Regional language. I have learnt from my experience in watching Tamil, Hindi or any other language, check out the review of the movie before watching or select a movie which was a good one and I had missed it. I have had very bad experience going to Theatre or watching in Netflix when I have decided to watch a random movie without checking the review. According to me one out of ten Hindi, Telugu or Tamil movie might be an average or nice movie to watch and the remaining ones are a total disappointment. There is one language where I have found movies to be of very good quality and also the Directors don’t mind experimenting with different kind of stories. Am referring to Malayalam Movies and according to me one out of three will be a nice one and even the remaining two will be above average that I don’t have to press the STOP button in remote. Let me add am not a Malayali and I don’t know to speak or understand Malayalam, I rely on the sub-title to understand.

Yesterday, after signing up for Disney Hotstar I randomly chose a Malayalam Movie to watch in the evening. Name of the Movie is Ohm Shanthi Oshaana, I haven’t heard about this movie before. The cast includes Nivin Pauly, Nazriya Nazim and few others, film is directed by Jude Anthany Joseph. The film is about a school girl in a village who falls in love with a youth and continues with her love for him. Nazriya is a happy school going girl spending time with her parents and friends, going around the village on her Motorbike. A wine making aunt is another friend where Nazriya spends lot of her time in the movie. Nivin does not have his father, his mom does all the chores and also writes poems. Nivin has chosen agriculture to make his living. When Nazriya proposes to Nivin, he rejects it by saying she is a small girl. Then, Nazriya takes her medicine entrance, gets selected and is doing her medical internship. Nivin’s mother is unwell and she gets treated in the same hospital where Nazriya is doing her internship. Finally, Nazriya returns to her village, Nivin this time proposes to her and the movie ends with their wedding. This is a two hour romance movie with bits of comedy and nice melodious songs. What I liked about this movie is, this is a nice romance movie which will take us to our past, melodious songs that can be heard even without understanding one word, no unnecessary comedy or fights as fillers and this is a movie where any family can sit together and watch.

Image Courtesy: https://www.behindwoods.com/

This is not the first random Malayalam movie that I have enjoyed watching. I have seen some movies in Netflix like Varane Avashyamund, Kappela, Grandmaster, Sarvopari Palakkaran, Eeda, Gemini etc.., I have watched these movies randomly and I liked it. Either, there are some nice Directors in Malayalam or the audience watches only nice movies resulting in Quality Malayalam Movies hit the screen. I only hope we get to watch similar quality movies in other Indian languages.

These are my personal views and I don’t mean to hurt anyone. If my view is wrong kindly use the comment section to educate me. Be Safe and Take Care.

17 thoughts on “Quality Malayalam Movies

  1. Hi
    Yes I too have watched this movie and it is well described by you .
    True now past few times we watched some Malayalam movies which was different and interesting..
    Enjoy your new app and tell us more about them.

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