I love cars, love driving and have been watching Formula One for more than two decades now. My hero is always Michael Schumacher. There is not a day in the last twenty five years I have not thought about Schumacher. I still keep praying for his recovery. From the day Schumacher joined the Ferrari team in 1996 I started reading more about Ferrari, Ross Brawn, John Todd and others associated with Ferrari and Schumacher. It was a dream five years between 1999 and 2004 for Schumacher and Ferrari that they were winning most of the Formula One races. To know how crazy am about Schumacher please visit this page

I have seen one or two Ferrari in Bangalore and Chennai. When I was at Noida to watch the Formula One race hosted in India, I saw few Ferrari on the way to race circuit, watched Schumacher driving for Mercedes and Alonso driving for Ferrari. When I was in Milan for few months four years back, on my way to Venice and at Monza race circuit I saw lot of Ferrari, this time I had a nice camera to click some nice shots.

More than the drivers of these Ferrari, people on the tour to Venice starting with me were more excited to watch and click them. What was even more nice was the sound of the engine, amazing.

There are some small moments which we will never forget, sharing the same with my friends here. Hope you enjoyed watching these clicks. Be safe and Take Care.

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