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I spend lot of time reading Blogs from my friends here in WordPress and also spend a little bit of time writing my mind and sharing some of my clicks. I used to have a Blog site long time back and I closed this without even taking proper back up, regret for not archiving it. When we all started our lives with Covid-19 and when I started spending all my time at home, I was back in WordPress with this Blog Page. Am enjoying reading every Blog that is shared by my friends and am equally very happy seeing the likes and comments on my Blogs. Let me take few minutes to write what this community in WordPress means to me.

Readers – I used to be in facebook when the reunion with my school batchmates started. Once, all of our batchmates came together and we had WhatsApp I left facebook. I loved the initial days of WhatsApp, nowadays with bunch of groups and irrelevant forwards I don’t like WhatsApp much. Here is what I wrote about WhatsApp and Forwards What I also realize is many of my own friends and the WhatsApp groups am part of are more interested in reading forwards than reading our Blogs or checking anything shared by one of them of their own content or their children. When I think of this community, here are the bunch of people who read anything that is shared or available in WordPress. A Big Thank You to each one of you.

Motivators – I see the biggest motivation coming from this community for the small write up or pictures shared. You people take me to top of the world every time I share a bit. I also notice this when I check Blogs from my friends here where I see lot of likes and comments appreciating each other. What I also like is the straight feedback given by people without a word of criticism and a mutual respect for each other. A Big Thank You to each one of you.

Friends – I have lot of friends around me always. I completed school more than three decades back and am connected with all my batchmates and teachers. I have lot of friends at workplace, friends who were my Managers or Leaders and friends for whom I was the Manager. Here is a bunch of people I have never talked with or met, but we keep reading each other’s mind, keep seeing pictures, talk through comments and express our feeling through likes. Some of these people are the nicest people am interacting with, again A Big Thank You to each one of you. I start and end my day reading one of content shared by my friends here and like it.

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Knowledge Sharing – When I read posts from my friends, it clearly explains the world around me is full of knowledge and ideas. Similarly, when I read some of the poems and stories shared by others, I see fantastic imagination, mind and language. Some of you are gifted with Beautiful English. Some of you are gifted with telling a very important life lesson in six words. This is only helping me to become a Better Person. When I read some of what is important to humanity and life coming from young people, I see a great maturity in them and feel so good about it. I love Photography, Travel, Wildlife, Nature, Cooking, Tennis and Motorsports. I get to read and see some of the best content here relating to my interest areas. One more time A Big Thank You to each one of you.

The days of Covid-19 will come to an end soon and our lives will return to normal. Do check out the lessons I learnt from Covid-19 One thing sure is I won’t leave WordPress, am going to continue reading every content shared by my friends and continue appreciating each other for the little bit we share. I will also keep posting my little write up or clicks. A Big Thank You, Be Safe and Take Care.

11 thoughts on “My Blog Community

  1. I loved this post. Thanks for appreciating everybody. Just one point that besides reading minds we should also interact & talk to each other. Would be glad if you interact as I have very similar interests

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  2. Thanks Sri for sharing your takeaways and gratitude to wordpress. I absolutely concur with your thoughts on WP and WA. Unlike WA, bloggers here are so supportive and encouraging. Love the interaction exchanged here.

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