Love You, Sushant

I have heard about Sushant Singh Rajput in the past but I have never watched his films. I have only heard his name Sushant Singh Rajput but didn’t know anything about him. I don’t watch much of Hindi films and these days I don’t watch even the current films in my Mother tongue Tamil. After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput I keep reading about him and also watch news about him covered by News channels. I started seeing videos of Sushant with his family, videos of him dancing with his niece, Sushant singing Achutam Keshavam, Sushant playing badminton and table tennis. I went through the reviews of his movies and most of his movies were rated very well with some nice reviews.

Image Courtesy: Filmfare

Last few weeks, I was lucky to watch some of his movies. They were Kai Po Che, Dil Bechara and M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. In the next few weeks I plan to watch his other movies. In the movies that I have watched already, he demonstrated that he was one of the Best Actor, he was able to act so naturally on screen. What I liked about the three movies I watched is the script. According me, what is important in any movie is the script, he was definitely very smart in selecting the right script. With this he had put in his natural acting to have such good reviews and hits. What I also liked about Sushant in his movies is his dancing. He was a real Star with nice looks, physique who can act and dance very well.

Sushant has such a wonderful smile in any of the photos I have seen. When I started reading about Sushant the first few things I read about him are, he was the National Olympiad Winner in Physics,  he had ranked seventh in the DCE Entrance Exam in 2003 and secured his Engineering admission in Delhi College of Engineering. He dropped out of college after three years to pursue his acting career. Sushant Rajput loved astronomy and astrophysics so much that he had placed a telescope in a window of his house to observe the rings of Saturn. To win the National Olympiad Physics and securing Engineering admission in more than ten colleges clearly explains he was a hardworking and an intelligent student.

When I see the videos of Sushant with his family we can see the fun he had with his people. Even when he was a grown up he was dancing like a child with his Sisters and Niece. He also had a gifted voice and I heard a bit of Sushant singing Achutam Keshavam. I have not seen someone playing Table Tennis with both hands. I watched a IIT Mumbai video where Sushant spoke to students, he did not hesitate to read from the paper that he had prepared and he talked, answered questions straight with his beautiful smile and fun. He also had good presence of mind and sense of humor in his speech.

With the limited reading I did about Sushant, watching few of his videos in the News and watching his movies, I saw a Sushant who is loved by everyone. He was a very good student, he was a good actor, he was a good dancer, he played cricket, table tennis and badminton well, he loved astronomy and physics, he had dreamt very big, planned and tracked the progress by writing everything in his dairy, he was having good fun with people around him with an infectious smile.

Sushant with so much talent is no more now. After reading and watching so much about him, according to me, God also loved Sushant a lot and hence, God wanted Sushant closer to them even when he was very young. Your people loves you so much and they will love you forever. Your fans who love you loads will continue loving you forever, am going to be one of them. I will watch your other movies and whenever I get a chance I will watch your dance steps. It is very unfortunate you left us very early. You are going to be missed Sushant. We will love you forever, Sushant.

14 thoughts on “Love You, Sushant

  1. It is very unfortunate that in one of movie he is talking about being bold to avoid the suicide thoughts from mind. I guess he needed much more mental strength to face the world.

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  2. He had a charismatic personality. It’s really sad that a young man, who literally had the world at his feet had to meet this unfortunate end.

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  3. Nice post. I have seen most of Sushant Singh’s movies. I liked Dhoni, the untold story the most. He was certainly a fine actor with a winning smile.

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