Why courier post offices are dying

The death of the post office is just the latest in a long list of problems facing the United States Postal Service, as the nation struggles to cope with its ballooning mail volumes.

A new study by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis found that the U.S. Postal Service lost more than 50 percent of its revenue in 2017.

It’s hard to overstate how much of a problem this is for the Postal Service.

It has been struggling to meet the mounting demand for mail because of a declining mail volume and a massive backlog of mail destined for overseas destinations.

Postal workers, who have been battling a chronic shortage of skilled workers and supplies, have struggled to meet those obligations, and they’ve been forced to pay for more expensive equipment to handle mail that’s simply not delivered.

The USPS has also been hit by a massive budget shortfall, and the agency’s fiscal 2018 operating budget is projected to be less than half of what it was in fiscal 2017.

But the USPS is still struggling to cope.

“The agency has been operating with a shortfall for nearly a decade,” said Peter A. Smith, the study’s author and a professor at Washington’s George Washington University.

“What we’re seeing now is the full effects of this shortfall.

We’re seeing a huge, huge gap in mail volume.

The problem is, we’re not able to deliver it.”

The Postal Service has had to close several mail processing facilities and replace delivery trucks and vehicles, and it has been forced, for the second time in four years, to slash its workforce in some areas, with only a few hundred workers working in the mail processing and delivery divisions.

The agency has also cut back on services for many of its customers, including people who receive their mail through the mail.

In some cases, it has cut back the number of packages delivered to the agency or sent to the USPS itself, in order to save money.

“Postal Service operations are at a critical crossroads,” Smith said.

“Some of them have been doing well, some of them are struggling.

Some of them will need to be cut back.

And many of them, if they don’t cut back, will face challenges.”

What’s driving this problem?

There’s no clear cause, said Michael Oster, a professor of government at Columbia University and one of the study authors.

It could be that the Postal Regulatory Commission is trying to do more to address the issues that have caused the backlog.

In other words, the Postal Commission could be doing its job and addressing the problem, but it could also be trying to reduce the mail volume that’s causing problems.

But there’s no evidence that the postal service has done either, and there’s nothing in the law to suggest it has.

There are plenty of factors that could be contributing to the problem.

The Postal Regulatory Act mandates that the USPS be able to make sure its mail delivery systems are in good working order, and that it is providing services that make sure the mail is delivered safely.

The law also provides that the mail carrier be able and willing to pay the full cost of delivery.

But that doesn’t mean the USPS has to provide everything it can, or everything is free.

It may be that delivery times for mail can vary from day to day, or the amount of mail sent to each of the different delivery hubs may vary.

And the USPS doesn’t have the staff to ensure that all mail is safely delivered.

In short, the USPS hasn’t really been able to address a long-standing problem, which is that there’s a significant amount of excess mail that is not being delivered to its mail processing centers and delivery trucks.

In the end, there may not be a clear cause or a clear solution.

What could the USPS do to fix this problem in the future?

One option could be to offer incentives for customers to pay more for their mail, as is done in many other countries.

But it’s not clear that this would solve the problem completely, since it’s difficult to ensure the mail isn’t being shipped to the wrong address.

“One of the problems with incentivizing mail delivery is that if you make it free, then you are incentivizing customers to come in and do other things that are cheaper, and more efficient, than paying to send mail,” Smith told The Associated Press.

“That can be a bad thing.

We can’t have customers being turned off from mailing because they are getting a discount.”

Another solution might be to try and use technology to speed up delivery, like the Postal Automation and Delivery System, or PADD, which would allow a courier to receive a package and deliver it in a fraction of the time it would normally take to process a package.

PADD could also allow a mail carrier to send a parcel to a designated recipient at a faster rate than a typical courier, but the cost of this service has been high.

So while it’s a solution in theory, it’s still a long way off, said Oster.

“If the USPS wants to try

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