How Palm Beach, Fla., residents can help save the endangered palm tree

Palm Beach has long been a hot spot for the world’s endangered palm trees.

It’s a place where tourists and locals alike flock to take in the lush greenery and lush foliage that makes the tropical paradise one of the most picturesque places on Earth.

But now, the palm trees that have been here for centuries are disappearing from their lush, greenery-filled home in Palm Beach County.

The disappearing palm tree is known as the “Palm Beach Disappearance,” and it has led to the extinction of more than 100 species of native plants and animals.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to help save Palm Beach’s most treasured tree.

There are two main ways to get involved: by visiting a protected site and by donating a tree.

You can see how to do each on this infographic.

What you need to know about the Palm Beach Disappearing tree, or the Palm Beach tree?

What is the Palm Bay Disappearing Tree?

The Palm Beach tree was named after the town where it was planted in 1859.

It was once a massive, tree-bearing tree, but the area was quickly drained by development and now it is an area of low-lying sand and a few large palms that grow in the foothills of the ocean.

The Palm Beach island has about 2,600 residents.

Its population is growing, and now, it’s one of five protected areas in Florida, along with Palm Beach Gardens and other Florida protected areas.

This year, the Palm beach County Board of Supervisors voted to designate the Palm island as a “Restricted Area,” which means that any development within it would have to adhere to certain guidelines.

It also means that the county can’t build anything that could harm or destroy the island’s tree canopy, including roads, hotels, residential buildings, power plants and industrial facilities.

The island’s population is now shrinking, and the County Council is considering whether to remove it from the protected list.

What is a protected area?

The area is a designated area within the county that is protected by federal law.

The law protects the trees, shrubs, and other vegetation on the island, including native vegetation and other trees that grow on and in the area.

The U.S. Forest Service, the state department of natural resources and the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity all have agreements with the county to manage and protect the area, and all are required to take steps to protect the trees.

What happens to the Palm Island Disappearing trees?

The county has been managing the island for more than a century.

The first tree planted on the protected area was planted on June 9, 1891.

Today, Palm Beach is home to more than 2,000 protected trees, most of which are native trees that are found on the area’s northern shore and on the eastern side of the island.

It is estimated that there are approximately 200 to 300 native trees on the Palm islands.

The remaining native trees are all threatened with extinction because of habitat loss, habitat destruction and other factors.

The state has designated about 25,000 acres of the Palm Islands National Seashore for the preservation of native vegetation.

The county will take about $2 million from a $10 million grant from the U,N.

Forest Services to help preserve the remaining trees.

How can you help save these trees?

Donate to the protected tree fund.

It is $50 per tree.

That’s the maximum that you can donate.

You need to register with the Palm Beaches Foundation, and you can do so by visiting their website at

The donation will go toward the restoration of the tree canopy.

There’s also a Palm Beach Island Conservancy fund that can be used to help pay for the restoration.

You must also register with Palm Beach Foundation.

You also need to be a resident of Palm Beach to donate.

If you’re not, you will not be able to donate because of the designation.

You can donate by mail, by telephone, or by going to the county’s website at to do so.

The money will go to the preservation fund.

If the tree is not able to survive in the wild, then it will go into the Palm Foundation’s restoration fund.

Donations to the restoration fund will be matched by donations to the conservation fund.

How to donate a tree?

Visit the PalmBeaches Foundation website at to donate trees.

Donate at least $25 to the tree restoration fund each year, and then make a $25 donation at each of the following:A $10 donation, to be matched $10 for each tree that is preserved.

A $25 gift, to include a tree and a gift certificate.

An additional $25, to give the tree to a local conservation program.

$50 or more, to designate a protected tree in the county.

You can also donate to the endangered Palm

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