How to post a storm in Connecticut

The storm that rolled through southern California was so powerful that it literally blew across the country, according to a tweet from a woman who lives in the city of Pismo Beach.

The tweet, sent around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, read, “Storm Pismo beach has blown through California, and the entire country is now experiencing a windstorm.”

The storm knocked out power to more than half of the state, and destroyed hundreds of homes.

The National Weather Service said it had been upgraded to a category 1 hurricane, and Hurricane Florence, the third storm of its kind in a decade, was forecast to weaken and eventually be downgraded.

While it wasn’t clear how the storm had gotten this far, it wasn�t just the size of the storm that caused concern, it was the way the storm hit.

The storm was moving fast, and by Saturday evening, the storm was coming in from the east, heading for the southern end of the United States.

While the storm came ashore in the southern part of the country and then headed north across the Atlantic Ocean, the hurricane that hit southern Florida and the eastern seaboard had the most destructive power, according the National Hurricane Center.

It was also the deadliest storm in Florida history.

The storm was named after the city in northern Florida that received the largest number of evacuations in the storm, with more than 20,000 people evacuated.

It knocked out most of the power and communication systems in the area, and also caused a flood that was estimated at 1.3 feet in the Miami area, the Miami Herald reported.

The National Weather Center said the storm brought winds up to 70 mph.

Winds of at least 55 mph were reported in Florida, and some of the strongest winds in Florida came in the central and northern part of its path.

The weather service said the wind damage from the storm and flooding was estimated to be $5.9 billion.

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