Colors in Flowers

This post is continuation of my visit to US. Last week when I posted about my visit to The Golden Gate Bridge I went through my photos folder and I decided I must share pictures of flowers I clicked at San Diego. When we were at San Diego, one of the afternoon we visited a park where there was a flower show. Let me share below some of these clicks.

What I like about clicking Flowers, Sunrise, Sunset and Nature is it brings out wonderful colors.

My people are at home and am spending every minute with them. Hence, keeping this post short. Hope you like these clicks, Be Safe and Take Care.

Golden Gate Bridge

I visited my cousin in US for two weeks three years back. We were spending most of our time in San Jose, San Diego and Santa Clara. This trip was to spend time together more than going around. One of the weekend we had been to Golden Gate Bridge with my camera for a few clicks.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge connecting San Francisco Bay and The Pacific Ocean. Before the bridge was built, the only practical short route between San Francisco and Marin County was by boat across a section of San Francisco Bay. The Bridge was initially designed by engineer Joseph Strauss in 1917 and the final design was planned by Leon Moisseiff. The construction started in 1933, completed and opened in 1937. The bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco and California. (Details picked from Wikipedia)

This is one of the most photographed bridge in the World. I love clicking the Bridges, Flowers, Animals, Birds, Sunrise and Sunset. These pictures communicate better, they are colorful and it always brings smile looking at them.

A View from The Bridge

I will write a separate post on my trips to US with some of the nice photos I clicked. I like spending time in US, but I prefer going around India or Europe if it’s a holiday. What I like about India, Europe and the holiday destinations in Asia is the public transport. It is now more than six months since I went on a holiday, hoping Covid-19 will soon be history and we can go back to our normal lives. Stay Safe and Take Care.

A Positive Weekend

Last Sunday I posted a Blog about one of my neighbor’s family getting infected with Covid-19 leading to two weeks of quarantine to us. Yesterday, was a wonderful day I had, it started with my neighbors getting better and the child is also fine now, I was so happy hearing this. Bangalore authorities have changed the guideline for quarantine, starting yesterday only the flat where there is a Covid-19 infected person will be quarantined. My floor was completely sanitized and quarantine removed yesterday. Here is the most important one, my brother brought my parents from Chennai to Bangalore. I will be spending time with my people next week and my parents will also be with us for a while.

I have already wrote few posts about Covid-19 and here again I want to write about things that keep me busy these days and these are things I love doing.

Running and Yoga – Until yesterday I was on quarantine for a week and I was walking inside my apartment for a hour in the morning and also walk few steps every hour to reach my indoor target. I used to walk around 12,000 steps a day. The quarantine is removed and I was out today morning to run. I ran around 10 kilometres in less than a hour. I enjoy running and I feel so good after I run. Before and after running, I do lot of stretches and few Yoga Asanas. I used to do Surya Namaskar, it’s been a while since I did this, I need to restart Surya Namaskar. Tomorrow, my plan is to run 15 kilometres and am sure I will run 15 and smile.

Photo by Pixabay on

Cooking – I didn’t have to learn cooking until 8 years back as my mom was always with me and my business travel was limited. When we were in Chennai, My Little Princess i.e. my Niece was born and my Brother’s family was in Bangalore. My parents started spending more time in Bangalore and I started learning cooking out of necessity. After I got married and moved to Bangalore six years back, my frequency of International Business Travel started going up. Being a vegetarian it gave more opportunities to cook during these travel. I always love cooking and what I liked about my cooking is, I always put the correct amount of salt and spice. During these Covid-19 days, I cook regularly and I can confidently now tell that am one of the best in cooking. I learn from my mom, I follow people like Venkatesh Bhat, Sanjeev Kapoor and Yogambal Sundar in YouTube and finally, I have few friends here in Blog community who shares some very interesting recipe to try and celebrate.

Photo by Pixabay on

Entertainment – I like to listen to Music and watch Movies. I subscribed to Spotify and nowadays I get to listen to some very nice music I like. I listen to Carnatic, Fusion, Tamil and Hindi film songs and finally my favorite Rock Music. What I like about Spotify is, by choosing the artist we like, it comes out with a bunch of daily mix. Spotify is very intelligent that it has understood what I listen every day in the morning during my prayers and it suggests me songs as per the day. Spotify also has the “Best of Artists” section where we get to listen to all the best tracks of Artist we like. I have a nice Bose Speaker where Spotify is paired, there is nothing better than listening to some nice Music. I also have a nice big Television which I use for watching movies. I recently signed up with Disney Hotstar to watch English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam Movies, I signed up with SunNxt to watch Tamil and Malayalam Movies. I also watch Music Videos and comedy shows in YouTube. I came out of Netflix because the content is very bad for the premium we pay, hope they have better movie collection to go back. Weekends are fun watching movies from one of these Apps and listening to Spotify.

Photo by Skitterphoto on

Television – These days I watch Television using Tata Sky only for three reasons – Formula One, Tennis and MotoGP. The US open started this week and we have a Formula One or MotoGP race every weekend to keep myself busy. This weekend is more of Tennis and Formula One at Monza, Italy.

Blogging – I spend good amount of time reading Blogs from my friends. I also write a little bit or share some of my interesting clicks here. I have made some nice friends here in WordPress even though I have not spoken or met them. These are wonderful people who only know to appreciate others writing and motivate them.

When the Covid-19 hit us in March 2020, I thought it’s going to keep us bored during the lock down. I have now learnt to keep myself busy without travelling and started enjoying what I do. We have learnt through Covid-19, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, let’s live for the moment and have fun in the right way. Stay Safe and Take Care.

Eventful Weekend

My last weekend started very well. On Friday evening I was watching some music videos on YouTube, I went back to 80s and 90s with Music.

I started my Saturday with around 8 kilometres running around my beautiful community. I was running very slowly and took less than a hour to complete the running. My wife and me decided let’s go out for lunch for a change. It was more than five months since we stepped out for lunch or dinner and Saturday was the day. We are vegetarians and we booked the table at Satvam forgetting the Covid-19 days. I had one of the most comfortable drive from my home to Satvam. There was relatively lesser traffic from the time I left home. The State Transport Buses are off the roads and it was a pleasant drive around The Silk Board before hitting The Forum, Kormangala. The iconic Koshy’s remain to be closed. We were at the popular Satvam for lunch hoping we get to taste some nice food. We were bored of my cooking for the last five months. We had a below average experience at Satvam. The soup, starters and main course were unusually below average. Satvam is known for quality vegetarian buffet, it was unusual of Satvam for this average quality food. There could be two reasons for this, they are not used to serving food on table and maybe their chef/ cooks returned to their hometown during lock down. Maybe, my wife and myself started liking my recipe better. I was at home after lunch to watch a nice Malayalam Movie, Snehaveedu. One more nice Malayalam Movie that I enjoyed watching.

On Sunday I got up early and I started the day with my running. I was running at my usual pace and I completed more than 10 kilometres in less than a hour. I was thinking I now learnt the trick to run with the mask. After having my breakfast I was in the kitchen to cook our lunch. I was listening to some nice music post lunch which is when I get a message in my block WhatsApp group that my neighbor’s family is infected with Covid-19. The evening started with a shock. As per the government guideline our floor will be sealed for 14 days. After a hour my mom calls me to say Tamilnadu Government has relaxed E-pass and Travel guideline. This was a surprise and I was thinking it was our fate. I haven’t seen my Parents for around five months now, I haven’t spent much time with my little princess in Bangalore for a while. The plan is my brother is driving them from Chennai to Bangalore coming weekend, I was thinking I will spend the coming weekend with them. The only reason that I didn’t travel to Chennai last 5 months is, we need to put different address in E-pass for myself and my wife since she has to spend time with her mom. When our floor is sealed for 2 weeks which came as a shock, we see a surprise of E-pass relaxation, this is what I call fate. What is real is, I need to wait for two more weeks to see my parents and spend some nice time with with them and my little princess.

Around five months back we started reading about Covid-19. We then started reading and watching about Covid-19 in our neighborhood. The lock down crossed few weeks and then we started reading more about Covid-19 and slowly the numbers started raising in main cities. It is now more than five months and I now see Covid-19 in my neighbor’s family. I have already lost a neighbor, my close relative and my Mom’s friend due to Covid-19, I was not able to pay their condolences in person. The numbers are around 80K per day in India and am now worried. Am not worried about self, am worried about the kids and their parents. I keep praying for them and I only hope we will either have the vaccine soon or a miracle will happen that Covid-19 will leave this World.

Today, I started my day walking around 7,000 steps from room to room. By evening I completed the 12,000 steps target. I was in the kitchen to cook lunch and dinner as I like cooking, my wife was taking care of chores. My office work started around 8am and I now take a break, have one more meeting shortly. I only hope and pray life will return to normal shortly. What an eventful weekend, Let’s hope for the Best. Be Safe and Take Care.


Sunrise and Sunset are the best views to learn photography. It is also a delight to see the colors in these photos. I have clicked a few that am sharing here.

The first one am sharing here is the one I clicked when I was at San Diego Beach. I was at Santa Clara for two weeks on a holiday and this is one of the Best Clicks during my visit to US.

San Diego Beach

The below one was clicked recently in Gokarna with my Iphone. Gokarna has some Beautiful Beaches that we get to click some nice Sunrise and Sunset pictures.

Gokarna Beach

I was at Dubai last year and this was again clicked with Iphone. This was clicked at The Dubai Mall before the laser show at Burj Khalifa.

Click from The Dubai Mall

Finally, the below one was clicked at Kabini. I had a very disappointing trip to Kabini that I could not see much of wildlife. This is one of the Best Clicks when I was at Kabini.


Hope you enjoyed the Sunset clicks. Be Safe and Take Care.

Budapest Bridges

Budapest is known for its Beautiful Bridges. These are the famous Bridges in Budapest – The Megyeri Bridge, Arpad Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Chain Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge, Liberty Bridge, Petofi Bridge and Rakoczi Bridge. Chain, Elizabeth and Liberty Bridge are one of the main tourist destination. On one side of these Bridges is Buda and the other side is Pest. Chain Bridge is the most popular destination among these, this was opened in 1849 and is the symbol of Budapest. Chain Bridge is the most photographed Budapest Bridge and is a delight to click during daytime and also when the lights are on.

Chain Bridge
Chain Bridge – Night View

Budapest is one of most Beautiful place I had visited. There are few more Beautiful clicks of Budapest which I will share in a separate post. Kindly visit for a detailed post about my visit to Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

Am eagerly waiting for normal days to plan my holidays – couple of visit to nice forests to see the Beautiful Nature and Wildlife and a visit to Europe. I will never get bored of visiting places like Budapest, London, Paris and Switzerland and am yet to see Belgium and Germany. Hope you liked watching Budapest Bridges, Be Safe and Take Care.

Love You, Sushant

I have heard about Sushant Singh Rajput in the past but I have never watched his films. I have only heard his name Sushant Singh Rajput but didn’t know anything about him. I don’t watch much of Hindi films and these days I don’t watch even the current films in my Mother tongue Tamil. After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput I keep reading about him and also watch news about him covered by News channels. I started seeing videos of Sushant with his family, videos of him dancing with his niece, Sushant singing Achutam Keshavam, Sushant playing badminton and table tennis. I went through the reviews of his movies and most of his movies were rated very well with some nice reviews.

Image Courtesy: Filmfare

Last few weeks, I was lucky to watch some of his movies. They were Kai Po Che, Dil Bechara and M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. In the next few weeks I plan to watch his other movies. In the movies that I have watched already, he demonstrated that he was one of the Best Actor, he was able to act so naturally on screen. What I liked about the three movies I watched is the script. According me, what is important in any movie is the script, he was definitely very smart in selecting the right script. With this he had put in his natural acting to have such good reviews and hits. What I also liked about Sushant in his movies is his dancing. He was a real Star with nice looks, physique who can act and dance very well.

Sushant has such a wonderful smile in any of the photos I have seen. When I started reading about Sushant the first few things I read about him are, he was the National Olympiad Winner in Physics,  he had ranked seventh in the DCE Entrance Exam in 2003 and secured his Engineering admission in Delhi College of Engineering. He dropped out of college after three years to pursue his acting career. Sushant Rajput loved astronomy and astrophysics so much that he had placed a telescope in a window of his house to observe the rings of Saturn. To win the National Olympiad Physics and securing Engineering admission in more than ten colleges clearly explains he was a hardworking and an intelligent student.

When I see the videos of Sushant with his family we can see the fun he had with his people. Even when he was a grown up he was dancing like a child with his Sisters and Niece. He also had a gifted voice and I heard a bit of Sushant singing Achutam Keshavam. I have not seen someone playing Table Tennis with both hands. I watched a IIT Mumbai video where Sushant spoke to students, he did not hesitate to read from the paper that he had prepared and he talked, answered questions straight with his beautiful smile and fun. He also had good presence of mind and sense of humor in his speech.

With the limited reading I did about Sushant, watching few of his videos in the News and watching his movies, I saw a Sushant who is loved by everyone. He was a very good student, he was a good actor, he was a good dancer, he played cricket, table tennis and badminton well, he loved astronomy and physics, he had dreamt very big, planned and tracked the progress by writing everything in his dairy, he was having good fun with people around him with an infectious smile.

Sushant with so much talent is no more now. After reading and watching so much about him, according to me, God also loved Sushant a lot and hence, God wanted Sushant closer to them even when he was very young. Your people loves you so much and they will love you forever. Your fans who love you loads will continue loving you forever, am going to be one of them. I will watch your other movies and whenever I get a chance I will watch your dance steps. It is very unfortunate you left us very early. You are going to be missed Sushant. We will love you forever, Sushant.

My Blog Community

I spend lot of time reading Blogs from my friends here in WordPress and also spend a little bit of time writing my mind and sharing some of my clicks. I used to have a Blog site long time back and I closed this without even taking proper back up, regret for not archiving it. When we all started our lives with Covid-19 and when I started spending all my time at home, I was back in WordPress with this Blog Page. Am enjoying reading every Blog that is shared by my friends and am equally very happy seeing the likes and comments on my Blogs. Let me take few minutes to write what this community in WordPress means to me.

Readers – I used to be in facebook when the reunion with my school batchmates started. Once, all of our batchmates came together and we had WhatsApp I left facebook. I loved the initial days of WhatsApp, nowadays with bunch of groups and irrelevant forwards I don’t like WhatsApp much. Here is what I wrote about WhatsApp and Forwards What I also realize is many of my own friends and the WhatsApp groups am part of are more interested in reading forwards than reading our Blogs or checking anything shared by one of them of their own content or their children. When I think of this community, here are the bunch of people who read anything that is shared or available in WordPress. A Big Thank You to each one of you.

Motivators – I see the biggest motivation coming from this community for the small write up or pictures shared. You people take me to top of the world every time I share a bit. I also notice this when I check Blogs from my friends here where I see lot of likes and comments appreciating each other. What I also like is the straight feedback given by people without a word of criticism and a mutual respect for each other. A Big Thank You to each one of you.

Friends – I have lot of friends around me always. I completed school more than three decades back and am connected with all my batchmates and teachers. I have lot of friends at workplace, friends who were my Managers or Leaders and friends for whom I was the Manager. Here is a bunch of people I have never talked with or met, but we keep reading each other’s mind, keep seeing pictures, talk through comments and express our feeling through likes. Some of these people are the nicest people am interacting with, again A Big Thank You to each one of you. I start and end my day reading one of content shared by my friends here and like it.

Photo by on

Knowledge Sharing – When I read posts from my friends, it clearly explains the world around me is full of knowledge and ideas. Similarly, when I read some of the poems and stories shared by others, I see fantastic imagination, mind and language. Some of you are gifted with Beautiful English. Some of you are gifted with telling a very important life lesson in six words. This is only helping me to become a Better Person. When I read some of what is important to humanity and life coming from young people, I see a great maturity in them and feel so good about it. I love Photography, Travel, Wildlife, Nature, Cooking, Tennis and Motorsports. I get to read and see some of the best content here relating to my interest areas. One more time A Big Thank You to each one of you.

The days of Covid-19 will come to an end soon and our lives will return to normal. Do check out the lessons I learnt from Covid-19 One thing sure is I won’t leave WordPress, am going to continue reading every content shared by my friends and continue appreciating each other for the little bit we share. I will also keep posting my little write up or clicks. A Big Thank You, Be Safe and Take Care.

Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands Thousand Islands is located in Canada. It is located in between Montreal and Toronto. It is a 3 hour drive from Montreal to reach Thousand Islands and it takes 3 hours to reach Toronto from here. Thousand Islands is a group of around 1,800 islands along the border of Canada and US. Most of these islands are occupied by beautiful single residence houses and they are huge. When I was at Montreal, on my may to Niagara, we spent few hours here. We took a boat cruise to see the beauty of Thousand Islands, this is one of the most beautiful place in Canada. I did not have a DSLR that time, clicked the Beauty of Thousand Islands with my mobile.

Thousand Islands and Niagara are the two things I liked in Canada. When I think of the unpleasant weather in Canada, am always hesitant to go back here. Be Safe and Take Care, Thanks for checking my post.


I love cars, love driving and have been watching Formula One for more than two decades now. My hero is always Michael Schumacher. There is not a day in the last twenty five years I have not thought about Schumacher. I still keep praying for his recovery. From the day Schumacher joined the Ferrari team in 1996 I started reading more about Ferrari, Ross Brawn, John Todd and others associated with Ferrari and Schumacher. It was a dream five years between 1999 and 2004 for Schumacher and Ferrari that they were winning most of the Formula One races. To know how crazy am about Schumacher please visit this page

I have seen one or two Ferrari in Bangalore and Chennai. When I was at Noida to watch the Formula One race hosted in India, I saw few Ferrari on the way to race circuit, watched Schumacher driving for Mercedes and Alonso driving for Ferrari. When I was in Milan for few months four years back, on my way to Venice and at Monza race circuit I saw lot of Ferrari, this time I had a nice camera to click some nice shots.

More than the drivers of these Ferrari, people on the tour to Venice starting with me were more excited to watch and click them. What was even more nice was the sound of the engine, amazing.

There are some small moments which we will never forget, sharing the same with my friends here. Hope you enjoyed watching these clicks. Be safe and Take Care.