Colors in Flowers

This post is continuation of my visit to US. Last week when I posted about my visit to The Golden Gate Bridge I went through my photos folder and I decided I must share pictures of flowers I clicked at San Diego. When we were at San Diego, one of the afternoon we visited a park where there was a flower show. Let me share below some of these clicks.

What I like about clicking Flowers, Sunrise, Sunset and Nature is it brings out wonderful colors.

My people are at home and am spending every minute with them. Hence, keeping this post short. Hope you like these clicks, Be Safe and Take Care.

Golden Gate Bridge

I visited my cousin in US for two weeks three years back. We were spending most of our time in San Jose, San Diego and Santa Clara. This trip was to spend time together more than going around. One of the weekend we had been to Golden Gate Bridge with my camera for a few clicks.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge connecting San Francisco Bay and The Pacific Ocean. Before the bridge was built, the only practical short route between San Francisco and Marin County was by boat across a section of San Francisco Bay. The Bridge was initially designed by engineer Joseph Strauss in 1917 and the final design was planned by Leon Moisseiff. The construction started in 1933, completed and opened in 1937. The bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco and California. (Details picked from Wikipedia)

This is one of the most photographed bridge in the World. I love clicking the Bridges, Flowers, Animals, Birds, Sunrise and Sunset. These pictures communicate better, they are colorful and it always brings smile looking at them.

A View from The Bridge

I will write a separate post on my trips to US with some of the nice photos I clicked. I like spending time in US, but I prefer going around India or Europe if it’s a holiday. What I like about India, Europe and the holiday destinations in Asia is the public transport. It is now more than six months since I went on a holiday, hoping Covid-19 will soon be history and we can go back to our normal lives. Stay Safe and Take Care.


Sunrise and Sunset are the best views to learn photography. It is also a delight to see the colors in these photos. I have clicked a few that am sharing here.

The first one am sharing here is the one I clicked when I was at San Diego Beach. I was at Santa Clara for two weeks on a holiday and this is one of the Best Clicks during my visit to US.

San Diego Beach

The below one was clicked recently in Gokarna with my Iphone. Gokarna has some Beautiful Beaches that we get to click some nice Sunrise and Sunset pictures.

Gokarna Beach

I was at Dubai last year and this was again clicked with Iphone. This was clicked at The Dubai Mall before the laser show at Burj Khalifa.

Click from The Dubai Mall

Finally, the below one was clicked at Kabini. I had a very disappointing trip to Kabini that I could not see much of wildlife. This is one of the Best Clicks when I was at Kabini.


Hope you enjoyed the Sunset clicks. Be Safe and Take Care.

Budapest Bridges

Budapest is known for its Beautiful Bridges. These are the famous Bridges in Budapest – The Megyeri Bridge, Arpad Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Chain Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge, Liberty Bridge, Petofi Bridge and Rakoczi Bridge. Chain, Elizabeth and Liberty Bridge are one of the main tourist destination. On one side of these Bridges is Buda and the other side is Pest. Chain Bridge is the most popular destination among these, this was opened in 1849 and is the symbol of Budapest. Chain Bridge is the most photographed Budapest Bridge and is a delight to click during daytime and also when the lights are on.

Chain Bridge
Chain Bridge – Night View

Budapest is one of most Beautiful place I had visited. There are few more Beautiful clicks of Budapest which I will share in a separate post. Kindly visit for a detailed post about my visit to Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

Am eagerly waiting for normal days to plan my holidays – couple of visit to nice forests to see the Beautiful Nature and Wildlife and a visit to Europe. I will never get bored of visiting places like Budapest, London, Paris and Switzerland and am yet to see Belgium and Germany. Hope you liked watching Budapest Bridges, Be Safe and Take Care.

Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands Thousand Islands is located in Canada. It is located in between Montreal and Toronto. It is a 3 hour drive from Montreal to reach Thousand Islands and it takes 3 hours to reach Toronto from here. Thousand Islands is a group of around 1,800 islands along the border of Canada and US. Most of these islands are occupied by beautiful single residence houses and they are huge. When I was at Montreal, on my may to Niagara, we spent few hours here. We took a boat cruise to see the beauty of Thousand Islands, this is one of the most beautiful place in Canada. I did not have a DSLR that time, clicked the Beauty of Thousand Islands with my mobile.

Thousand Islands and Niagara are the two things I liked in Canada. When I think of the unpleasant weather in Canada, am always hesitant to go back here. Be Safe and Take Care, Thanks for checking my post.


I love cars, love driving and have been watching Formula One for more than two decades now. My hero is always Michael Schumacher. There is not a day in the last twenty five years I have not thought about Schumacher. I still keep praying for his recovery. From the day Schumacher joined the Ferrari team in 1996 I started reading more about Ferrari, Ross Brawn, John Todd and others associated with Ferrari and Schumacher. It was a dream five years between 1999 and 2004 for Schumacher and Ferrari that they were winning most of the Formula One races. To know how crazy am about Schumacher please visit this page

I have seen one or two Ferrari in Bangalore and Chennai. When I was at Noida to watch the Formula One race hosted in India, I saw few Ferrari on the way to race circuit, watched Schumacher driving for Mercedes and Alonso driving for Ferrari. When I was in Milan for few months four years back, on my way to Venice and at Monza race circuit I saw lot of Ferrari, this time I had a nice camera to click some nice shots.

More than the drivers of these Ferrari, people on the tour to Venice starting with me were more excited to watch and click them. What was even more nice was the sound of the engine, amazing.

There are some small moments which we will never forget, sharing the same with my friends here. Hope you enjoyed watching these clicks. Be safe and Take Care.


The Bosporus is a narrow waterway located in northwestern Turkey. Bosporus is on the boundary of Asia and Europe, on one side of Bosporus is Anatolia and on other side is Thrace. This waterway connects the European part of the city with its Asian side. Am so bad in Geography that I didn’t know until I was here that there is one more country other than Russia which is located both in Asia and Europe. There is a Beautiful Bridge that connects both the sides which is called The Bosphorus Bridge. You will get to see some of the beautiful houses or villas if you take a trip around the Bosporus in a ferry. Here are some of the clicks of Bosporus Bridge and some Beautiful villas.

Bosphorus Bridge
Driving on Bosphorus Bridge

Kindly visit My Travel Diary Istanbul to know about other nice places in Istanbul What I liked the most in Istanbul is the public transport. Istanbul is a place with lot of history, some very nice tourist attraction and this must be one of the best holiday destination. When you are here you should not miss The Turkish Delight, Baklava, Turkish Coffee and Tea. Hope you enjoyed the clicks at Bosporus, Be Safe and Take Care.


I had been to Kolkata twice, both these trips were official. I travelled first in 2018 and was lucky to spend few days around Sunderbans. I was at Kolkata one more time in Jan 2020. This time I was seeing more of Kolkata City and had also been to Shanthiniketan.

Shantiniketan is a town located around 150 kilometres from Kolkata. Shantiniketan was established in 1863 by Maharishi Debendranath Tagore, developed and started by Rabindranath Tagore as a place of learning in 1901. The curriculum in Shantiniketan is a unique blend of art, human values and cultural interchange. Even today in Shantiniketan classes are held in open air and close to nature, unlike in classrooms.

Photos clicked with Iphone in Shantiniketan

Kolkata City When I was in Kolkata, I visited Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Park Street and Belur Math. In most of the places I visited photography was not allowed and hence, I could not click any photos in these landmark places. Kolkata is a Beautiful city where we can see the old and new city in any street. What I liked the most about Kolkata is the wide range and quality of food and the very reasonable price we are charged on anything we buy or eat.

Victoria Memorial – Clicked with Iphone

Kolkata is another place in my list that I have to visit on a holiday. There are so many places in or around Kolkata that must be visited with my camera. For Someone who loves Paani Poori and Deserts, I get to see places and also eat food I like. Stay Safe and Take Care.

Beautiful Park in Lyon II

When I was at Lyon for two months, I frequently visited a park for my morning running and yoga. The park was huge and on the other side of the Park is a Zoo. One of the weekends I visited this Zoo with my camera. I had very nice time in the Zoo clicking some nice pictures. It was a delight to watch lot of children having fun, I was missing my Niece. Here are some of the clicks from this Zoo.

I love spending time with my Family and Friends, if it’s a holiday or long weekend I like to go on a holiday to one of the National Park and stay at Jungle Lodges. There is no match to watching the beauty of nature and wildlife. Hope you liked these pictures, stay safe and take care.


We were at Hampi on a holiday and  were staying at Jungle Lodges. This is a beautiful facility with lots of flowers around. I spent good few hours one of the afternoon with my camera clicking these flowers. What I like about Flowers is, it brings various colors and freshness. According to me if we notice any flower closely, they talk. They are so fresh when the day starts and sleeps in the night. Sharing below some of the Hibiscus I clicked. I also clicked various other flowers which I will share in a different post.

Few lines about Hibiscus There are about 220 different species of Hibiscus. Tea made from Hibiscus is rich in Vitamin C, treats high blood pressure, cholesterol and helps in maintaining good health. There are few other medicinal uses of Hibiscus.

Few lines about Hampi I always like staying in a village, Hampi is the perfect place for a long weekend. We had been to Hampi three years back. There are plenty of places to see in Hampi. Jungle Lodges is located in a village at Hampi which was the highlight of our trip. We went to Hampi for 3 days and I liked the early morning running and yoga. It is always healthy and nice to run in a village where we can breathe fresh air. One thing we must avoid at Hampi is the tour guides. It makes sense to make use of Google and decide the places we plan to visit for the day.