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What’s a Hole Digger?

Posted June 24, 2018 05:51:15 When I was in school, I was always interested in exploring the holes in the ground, and one day a friend showed me a hole diggers guidebook.

I’ve always wanted to make my own holes and this guide is an incredible resource for beginners.

The book is called Hole Diggers Guidebook and it is published by The Lad Magazine.

If you’re new to hole digging and want to learn the fundamentals of hole digging, this book is for you.

You’ll find out how to start digging holes, what to look for when you’re digging, and how to make your own holes.

When you dig a hole in the woods, you’ll be rewarded with a treasure trove of goodies that are easy to get lost in.

I love seeing the treasures that are hidden in the earth, and this hole digers guidebook is a great way to see some of those treasures.

I hope you enjoy the book.

This post was originally published on June 24 and has been updated to reflect a response from the Lad Bible.

Which Australian cities are home to the worst in the world?

The World Health Organization says Australia has the highest number of cases of coronavirus, and the country has the second highest rate of deaths, in the developed world.

The top five spots go to: Tokyo, Singapore, New York, and Melbourne.

And that’s not including the US.

The US has a much higher death rate than Australia.

In 2014, there were 987 coronaviruses deaths in the US, while Australia had 1,049.

But the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Australia’s coronaviral death rate is far lower than that of other developed countries.

The World Bank estimates that in 2015, Australia’s death rate was 5.1 deaths per 100,000 population, and in the UK it was 1.5.

In fact, Australia has an overall death rate of just under 3 deaths per 1,000 people.

The UK has a death rate around 6 deaths per 10,000, according to the UK Health Protection Agency.

But there’s a lot of variation.

Some people don’t have high blood pressure, or don’t get sick with the virus.

And people in poorer countries can get infected even when they’re in very healthy, well-educated, and healthy-looking communities.

In Australia, the death rate in those communities has fallen from a high of 10.7 deaths per million people in 2013 to 1.4 in 2017.

But it’s still higher than the global death rate.

“We know that a lot more people die from these diseases than are diagnosed, so there’s been a lot less work done in Australia,” said Dr. Paul McInerney, an infectious disease expert at the University of Melbourne.

In some parts of the country, there’s also been a big push to get people to go to emergency departments, where they might be infected.

“This is one of the things that Australia is doing better than the rest of the world,” he said.

That’s partly because Australia’s health system has been well designed, he said, and partly because there are fewer health professionals than the US and many other countries.

And Australia has a lot fewer coronavirets in its population than many other developed nations.

In many ways, it’s a much better place to live than most developed countries because it has a better public health system.

“In Australia, people don, on average, have more education than the other countries,” McInersonsaid.

But he said that’s a problem because “you can get a lot worse than that.”

The health system in Australia has been really well designed for what the Australian population needs, he explained.

“They have a really good system of care.

They have good doctors, they have good nurses, they’ve got good medical schools, and they’ve done very well in terms of managing the coronaviscous virus outbreak.”

Australia also has an excellent vaccination strategy.

But Dr. Mark Latham, who chairs the Royal Australasian College of Emergency Medicine, says Australia’s public health measures are not strong enough to handle the epidemic.

He pointed to a recent study in the Lancet medical journal, which found that “the average life expectancy in Australia is only 63.7 years, and that only 10 per cent of Australian adults are vaccinated against the coronovirus.”

The authors of that study say it’s “likely that the high incidence of infection and the lack of vaccine uptake and uptake of the vaccine are contributing to this.”

So, Australia needs to do a lot better in terms, he added, of how it treats its infected people.

And the health system needs to make sure that people don�t get caught in the middle of a pandemic.

But even as the pandemic continues, Australia is also seeing some signs of improvement.

A new study published in the journal Nature shows that the number of people receiving medical care for coronavires has increased significantly since the end of last year.

The study also found that coronavillosis deaths dropped significantly in a few areas of Australia in 2017, and some of the changes seem to be due to the work of a small number of healthcare workers.

“If you look at a lot [of areas] where there was a lot or a lot in terms to coronavioles and the coronaval diseases, that seems to be changing,” said McInery, of the University at Adelaide.

But while the health care system is improving, there are still a lot places where people still have a high risk of getting sick with coronavvirus.

“It’s important that people stay safe,” McIngery said.

“And the best way to do that is to stay safe and get vaccinated.”

You can follow Live Science senior writer Stephanie Pappas on Twitter @sipappas.

How to send a ‘thank you’ email to your fans via Snapchat

Posted September 30, 2018 06:23:16If you want to get your fans a little more excited for your upcoming football season, it may be worth making a short video to thank them for all their support.

As ESPN Insider’s Mike Sando notes, you can use Snapchat to send an email to fans via the Snapchat app and Instagram, or even post a photo or video of your game-day celebration with your post.

You can even send an emoji to your own fans by holding down the “Snapchat” button for a few seconds.

“It’s not a super important thing to do,” Sando says.

“But it’s something you can do to send something of value to fans who have shown your appreciation.

Or maybe just get a little excited about your game day.”

As Sando points out, it doesn’t have to be a Snapchat video, but it can be a photo, video or emoji.

Here’s a video to send thank you to your favorite football fans via Instagram:

Why is the sunflower post still struggling?

The Sunflower Post is one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious post-football magazines, which is the second largest in the country behind the Sydney Morning Herald.

Sunflower Post founder and editor Paul Smith has spent much of his career as a journalist.

“When I was a kid, I had my first job out in the bush,” he said.

When he was 22, he made his first full-time living writing about sports.

At the time, he had written a sports column for the Australian for more than 20 years.

In 2004, he moved to Melbourne and began working for the ABC.

The Post has been in business for more then 40 years.

Mr Smith said he knew he wanted to work at the Post because he was passionate about the sport and was determined to bring it to a wider audience.

He wanted to create something that would appeal to the readership of the Post, the readers of the Sydney Mail and the readers in Australia.

It was a great idea to have a brand that was recognisable to the wider audience that the Post is, and it is a great platform to reach out to a broader audience.

Mr Jones said the post-match coverage is always about the team winning.

That’s what I do, that’s what we all aspire to do, and I feel that the Sunflower has that in spades.

Mr Jones said it is hard to put into words how much he enjoys working at the Sunflowers.

We have a good staff of writers and editors, who are all incredibly passionate about what we do.

I’ve never had a story that has gone from story to story and then been a big hit, so it’s great to see people getting a bit of recognition from the media and the public, so I think it’s really good.

“The Sunflower Post website has been the site of a number of stories on concussion and the sport.

Last month, the Post’s coverage of the Rugby League World Cup prompted a number to question the Post about the Post being involved in the game’s investigation into concussion.

An email from the Rugby Football League’s senior executive, Craig Fagan, to the Post suggested the Post had failed to adequately investigate the risks associated with the sport’s concussion program.

While Mr Fagan said the Post was looking into the matter, the post’s response to the questions was that it did not know the details of the investigation.

Another recent article about concussion on the Post site prompted a complaint about a headline that referred to an article about the death of an Australian-born footballer in China.

After a number posts appeared questioning the integrity of the article, the article was removed from the Post website.

On Saturday, the Australian Rugby League posted on Twitter that it was aware of the situation.

‘Post concussion syndrome’ The AFL said it had also taken action.

AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said it was clear the article contained factual errors and had raised issues of fact with the Post.

Ms McLachlin said the AFL was committed to the safety of our players and that the AFL would take all steps to ensure the Post would continue to operate.

There is no evidence to suggest that the article is inaccurate and the Post will continue to publish accurate and independent coverage of all the issues raised.

What’s happening to the NHL’s marquee players?

In the end, the NHLPA’s last bargaining agreement with the league is a disaster, and its only hope of survival comes from a new collective bargaining agreement that has yet to be drafted.

The NHL’s players will be without their players for at least another season and potentially longer.

The union is in no mood to have the clock run down, but if it can’t agree on a deal this week, it may not have much of a chance of reaching a deal to keep its players.

The first phase of the new CBA was signed Wednesday, but the players haven’t heard anything about the second phase.

That’s because the union won’t agree to a final CBA until after the 2017-18 season begins, which means the players can’t vote on the new collective-bargaining agreement until after that.

The league won’t have a choice but to sign off on the second round of the CBA as well.

It’s a decision that will be the final one for the league’s players, and the first for the union as a whole.

In a sense, the players have made the first choice, and it’s their decision whether to accept it.

It was the players’ choice to go ahead with a strike this year because the league didn’t have the power to negotiate the deal they wanted to sign.

The players had to accept the new agreement, but they didn’t want to have to vote again.

If the union doesn’t agree with the union’s first choice of a CBA, the league can’t negotiate the CBD in the new deal, which could lead to a lockout.

The lockout would force the NHL to change its business model and take the business of the league outside of the NHL.

That would be a tough sell.

There are two big issues that would have to be resolved for the players to be satisfied with a deal.

First, the CBL would have the league and its owners in a position to have a say in everything from player health to the salary cap.

Second, the union would have a chance to negotiate a new deal that included some sort of salary cap increase.

This is an important question for the owners to consider.

If it doesn’t happen this week and the players continue to fight for their jobs, the owners could try to force the league to give in on some of its demands.

In that case, it would be possible for the NHL and its players to strike again, but it would require that the owners agree to the new salary cap, which would mean that the league would have an unfair advantage.

The CBA also includes a clause that the players would have veto power over the salary-cap numbers that would be negotiated in the CNBA, the new league the league hopes to start next season.

If there was a lockout, that would give the players a significant advantage in the bargaining table, which might be enough to sway the owners.

The owners can’t control everything, but by voting to approve a CBL this week the players will have a shot to make the case to their owners that they want a more fair salary cap system.

If they win that battle, they could have a stronger bargaining position in the negotiations for a new CBL.

If a lockout does happen, the only thing that would likely happen is the league will have to change the way it negotiates contracts, and that will likely be in a new contract.

But the league could still decide to keep the status quo and the status of the players in the eyes of its players and its fans.

It may even decide to cut ties with the players.

It will be difficult for the NFL, which is already struggling financially, to do so without losing its players, but that won’t be an option for the rest of the leagues.

That means the NHL will be able to get a better deal on the CBP, but will have the option to do things differently than the rest.

It is hard to say what will happen in a lockout situation, because there are no clear lines of demarcation between the players and the owners, but there are several things that the NHL can do to change.

For one, it could make concessions to its players on some issues.

One thing the NHL has been able to do is make concessions in recent years to get more players into the league, a move that has resulted in some positive outcomes for the game.

For instance, players have gotten a pay increase and have more autonomy in negotiating salary-caps.

The salary cap was one of the issues the players were pushing for in the lockout negotiations, and they were able to make concessions on the salary caps.

The new CBD would also allow the NHLs players to have more say over what the salary numbers should be.

This would give them more power to get concessions on salary caps, which will likely have an impact on the number of games the league plays.

The number of teams in the NHL could

How to find the best solar light post in your mailbox

Posted June 07, 2018 12:14:20The best solar post lights that posters will love include the mailboxes, mailboxes post lights and the solar posts, all of which are designed to be placed near sunlight.

We’ve also highlighted some of the best post lights in our 2018 Top 20 Solar Light Posters.

For the most part, the post lights on these post lights are quite light-weight, but there are a few posts that are heavy on the metal, like the Post Light in the Mailbox, the Post Post Light on the Solar Posts, and the Post Lights on the Mailboxes.

We have also included some post lights from brands like Home Depot, Kmart and Walgreens.

Here are the best Solar Light post lights:Mailboxes Post Lights:These post lights have a wide range of color options, from bright blue to purple and black, and they have some of our favorite colors like red, yellow, and white.

They also come in a variety of sizes and are made of a solid metal, so you can install them on a wall or on a mailbox.

The Post Light with the Post Card in it is the most popular of the postlights, and it’s the light that will be placed next to your mailbox post.

The post lights come in bright blue, green, yellow and red.

The Post Lights with the Light-Up Post Card are also popular with homeowners, because they have a very bright blue light and can be placed in a mailbox with the post light on top of the mailbox post, so it’s a great post light for your mailbox.

Here’s how to install your mailboxes Post Light postlights.

Mailboxes Posts:These are the light posts that post users post on their front doors.

The posts come in the colors of blue, white, or yellow, so there are plenty of options for homeowners to choose from.

The best postlights come in either a solid gold or a solid silver color.

The Posts post lights with the mailbox post lights also come with a variety in sizes and options, so the mailcard post lights look great in your front door.

Mailbox Posts Light-up Post Lights:-This post light is designed to hang in your mailbox.

The light is bright blue and has a silver base.

You can use the light to post a sign or a postcard, or you can place the post on top.

The post lights of this post light have a variety colors and sizes.

They come in both a solid blue and a solid gray color, and you can get them in either silver or gold.

Here’s how you can see how much space they need.

The Light- Up Post Light is also available for homeowners, but the postlight comes in either solid gold, or a silver color, so be sure to pick the post with the silver postlight.

Here are the options for the light:The Post Lights With the MailBox Post Lights are designed for homeowners who want to place their postlights on top or at the bottom of their mailboxes.

The Mailboxes Post lights have the same color options as the Mail Lights post lights.

You will see different sizes of these postlights in the top and bottom of your mailbox, depending on the size of your mail boxes.

Here is how to put your maillights post lights up:The Mailboxes Posts postlights are also great post lights for homeowners.

The mailboxes posts have a range of colors, and there are lots of different sizes, from medium to large, so they look great on walls and in front of your doors.

Here you can check out the Mailcards Post Lights, which are the maillights with the light post, or the Post Posts Light.

The Mailbox Posts Post Lights have the most space in the mailbox, so don’t hesitate to order them to add a little extra to your home.

The best post light post lights will also have a bright red, purple, or blue light on them, so that you can easily see them when you’re putting up your post lights or your mailbox posts.

Here is how you will install your postlights postlights:The Best Solar Post Lights in Your Home

Which Twitter account is right for you? – Facebook

A Facebook post from one of the world’s most famous musicians about a recent trip to Israel has received more than 3 million views. 

The post, which has received over 4.5 million views, was sent out by a user in New Zealand called “Kai”.

The post said that he had been in Israel for a month with his girlfriend and that they had been staying at the family home. 

The post had garnered more than 10,000 comments as of Saturday morning, and was liked by more than 2,000 people.

It said that Kai had been living in Israel since August 2016, and had been travelling with his family, with their passports, for a year.

The post has sparked debate over whether it is appropriate for a music star to be visiting Israel for the first time, particularly given that the US state has not yet fully recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Kai’s post came after a series of comments made by US President Donald Trump about the decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Keen to have an impact, Kai’s post included a message of support for the US.

It is the first such message from an American celebrity to reach the millions of Twitter users who have used the platform to share their feelings about the move.

The singer has previously called for the move to be reversed, with an image posted to his Instagram account on Friday showing a “Baghdad to Jerusalem” map.

Trump’s remarks on the issue have sparked a storm of protest across the US, with some calling for his resignation, and the president’s son Donald Trump Jr has since called for him to be fired.

In an email to Reuters on Saturday, Facebook said that the posts Kai has shared on his social media account are intended for the entertainment of friends and family and that it had removed his posts.

“Kai has been using Facebook as a platform to show support for our friends in the United States, and he is very much in tune with what is going on with the US and other countries around the world,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

The spokesman added that “Kaitlyn is an avid supporter of free speech, and we do not condone his posts.”

A Facebook spokesperson did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

‘No way’ Billie Eilish is a ‘bitch’ to ‘the community’

A lot has been written about the upcoming release of the sequel to “Billie Eils” as the title implies. 

It’s a sequel to the 2009 film which starred Billie, who played the title role in the first film. 

In that film Billie’s character, Billie Allen, goes to a wedding in California. 

When she returns home to Los Angeles, her husband is killed by a serial killer. 

Billie’s sister, Linda Allen, is arrested for murdering her husband. 

The film was based on the book by Barbara Kingsolver, and was a huge success at the box office. 

However, a lot of the backlash has been centered on Billie being a bitch. 

What was her role in that film? 

It turns out that the movie was directed by David Wainwright and he was actually responsible for some of the most controversial elements of the film.

It was Wainwrights involvement in the film that sparked the ire of many fans. 

During a live appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Wainwerks sister, Laurie Allen, talked about her sister’s involvement in her sisters crime. 

“She was a bitch in that movie,” Laurie Allen said. 

Wainwright, however, defended his sister. 

 “It was an amazing movie, Laurie,” he said.

“She was very involved.

She played the part with great energy, she was very good in the movie. 

So, when I think of her, I don’t think of a bitch, I think I think she was a really talented actress.”

Wainwerfs sister, however also talked about how she felt about the sequel.

“I just think it’s a bit over the top,” she said.

“It’s over the line, but I don’ think that’s how I see her in the world.”

Laurie Allen said that Billie was not the first to be cast as the character in a horror film.

“There was a lot more people than I thought, like in The Silence of the Lambs,” she added.

“We just didn’t want to be the next one, because it was too much to take, it was not a movie for everybody.”

But Laurie is a real actress, so she was really good.

“Liam McLean of the Deadline reports that Laurine Allen is set to appear in the new film as a character named Molly.

McLean adds that Molly is a former “sister to the film’s heroine.””

LOLIAR FAN FIGHTS OUT at new “Billies” sequel Liam McMillan writes for Deadline that the new “Biff” sequel is the perfect sequel. “

And Molly is one of Billie and Linda’s former lovers, played by Laurie Allen.” 

LOLIAR FAN FIGHTS OUT at new “Billies” sequel Liam McMillan writes for Deadline that the new “Biff” sequel is the perfect sequel. 

McMillan wrote that the plot of the first movie was that a woman named Linda was sent to prison for murdering Billie in the “The Silence of The Lambs” film.

McMillam says that while Linda and Billie have a relationship, Linda is more interested in the money that the killer makes off of her.

McMillann goes on to say that she was upset by the way that “Biffs” sequel was written.

“My biggest issue with the ‘Biff’ sequel was that it was written in such a way that Billies daughter was not played by Linda Allen,” McMillam said.

“The writer of the ‘Billies’ sequel, Paul Greengrass, has a very dark streak in his blood, and that’s where this line was crossed.

 Linda Allen’s character was the ‘bad girl,’ and Billies daughters character was played by a young actress named Laurie Allen.

She is a true ‘bad bitch,’ and Laurie Allen was an actress with a lot to prove.”

McMillani claims that while Laurie Allen has a lot in common with Laurie Allen in the films, Linda isn’t as dark.

“Lauries mother is a beautiful woman, and Laurie’s mother is an amazing actress,” McMillin wrote. 

As far as the “Bills” sequel goes, McMillans conclusion is that the story will remain similar to the first one.

McMilan says that he hopes the new movie will be a good one, and he expects the reviews to be “positive.”

“Lambs is a cult classic that has stood the test of time,” he added. 

Read more about the film at The Late Night with Craig Fergus

‘It’s an act of bravery’: Ottawa student’s ‘selfie’ of her ‘hero’ moment shows she can fight back

When 17-year-old Hannah Hinton found herself in the middle of a police shooting, she was determined to prove that she could not be defeated.

The University of Ottawa student was standing on the sidewalk when she was shot by a police officer, but she did not hesitate to take a selfie.

She posted the image to her Instagram account, captioned it with the caption: “The first one to take that selfie is me.”

The photo went viral, inspiring others to take photos and posting them on social media.

The young woman from Ottawa says she has a few moments like that on Instagram.

But it’s something that she is still learning to cope with.

“It’s not just about the moments of self-love, self-confidence, and self-empowerment that are important,” she said.

“But I think it’s the idea that you can fight through anything.

That it can be defeated.”

Hannah Hensons journey from being a little girl to a high school senior with an art background to become a teacher The photo is one of those moments Hannah Hinkson says she doesn’t have to look back to to see what she has accomplished.

“That’s what it is about,” she explained.

“We can see that we can make a difference, and that’s what I really value.

It’s not about being the hero or being a heroine.

It is about making a difference.”

Hannah is one student at the University of Waterloo who has experienced the power of her work in the arts.

Her story was told in a TED talk, “The Girl with the Artful Face.”

She was a young girl living in Hamilton, Ont.

during the early 1970s, when the city’s police force used to be called the Hamilton Police Service.

Hannah’s father, John Hinksons, said she had the opportunity to see firsthand the problems faced by young black men during the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1970s and 1980s.

“I saw it firsthand,” he said.

“[She] could have been my son.

She could have lived a better life.

But she did it.”

The young girl says she is proud to have been a part of Hannah’s story, but also to have her voice heard.

“There are a lot of young people out there who are not having the same opportunities,” she added.

“The way we’re being raised in this country is a failure.

It makes us weak, and it makes us vulnerable.”

Hannah says she was able to change her behaviour and start making a positive impact in her community.

“As a young woman, I was just trying to make it,” she recalled.

“Because it wasn’t a problem that could be solved with drugs or guns.

It was just a problem of me.”

Hannah was eventually arrested by police and charged with drug possession.

She was found not guilty, but was then forced to leave her home.

She said she felt isolated from her family and school, and even from her closest friends, who were also charged with crimes for taking part in a drug deal.

Hannah said she was a strong woman in her early 20s, but found herself feeling a lack of confidence.

“You start to see a pattern where it’s just the same thing over and over again,” she continued.

“And then you just stop and think, ‘What the hell am I doing here?'”

Hannah Hints at the role of social media Hannah Hinsons hopes to inspire others to fight against racism and police brutality in her lifetime.

“A lot of the social media stuff, I just think that’s the way it’s done now,” she elaborated.

“Every time someone does something wrong, that’s going to be retweeted and every time someone is the victim of police brutality, that is going to spread.”

Hannah said that she wants to change the way we view young people of colour.

“People have been talking about it for years and years, but I think now people are really aware of what they are doing,” she told the CBC.

“When you start to look at it from the perspective of someone who grew up in the same environment, it’s not easy.”

Hannah has set her sights on changing how we see people of different backgrounds.

“In my opinion, I want to change how we look at people,” she concluded.

“So that when you see somebody that’s different, you say, ‘That’s me, too.

I can do that.'”

Hannah’s advice to others to “be positive” and to take action Hannah Hinkons is one person who Hannah Hids hopes to change for the better.

“Be positive,” she advises young people who are struggling with racism and policing.

“Don’t look back.

Don’t be a victim.”

“When I see that somebody is being a victim, I feel like I can turn that around and I can actually get a lot done.”

Hints about being a good role model for others to follow

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