Long Beach, California, post it on Facebook to celebrate birthdays

Long Beach residents took to Facebook to post an image of a birthday card that read, “Long Beach, CA – You’ve got it all!”

In the post, a photo of the card with the words, “A birthday is all you can ask for, birthday wishes from all of us!” was shared over 8,000 times.

Many people were left speechless with their responses to the post.

“I’m really happy to know that I’ve never had a birthday like this,” one user wrote.

Another user said, “The first birthday is always so important.

I can’t believe I just did that.”

10 commandments for a happy life

Posted April 05, 2018 05:03:53A happy life means living your life the way God wants you to live it, according to the Bible’s Ten Commandments.

The 10 commandments are laid out in a list of rules that outline the way we should behave, how we should act and how we can live.

The list includes the importance of obeying the law, taking care of your own needs and ensuring your family is doing the same.

“The commandments are designed to help us live in a manner that is pleasing to God and in harmony with our nature,” said Pastor Paul S. Kocher, pastor of First Baptist Church of Denver.

He said people should strive to live a life that reflects the way they are.

“We can’t have the law as a guiding light,” Kochel said.

“It’s not God’s way.”

The Ten Commandations are written in a way that makes it clear that God is not pleased with the way our lives are and wants us to behave in a different way.

Kocher said he wants to encourage people to take responsibility for their lives and be willing to change what’s going on in their lives if that changes their behavior.

“If you want to be happy, God wants to make you happy,” he said.

“It’s about being humble.

If you want someone to love you, you can’t expect God to be there for you all the time.

It’s not going to happen,” he added.

The Bible also gives us some other rules that can help us feel more secure and secure in our life, said Pastor J.K. Cagle, pastor at First Baptist Christian Fellowship in Greeley.

“When I was young I didn’t know any better.

I knew that I was going to die in my 30s.

I thought I was supposed to be strong.

I had a plan,” he told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

“But now I’m in my 60s and I realize how stupid I was.”

For example, when the world around you is failing you, think of the things God is doing for you,” Cagle said.

Cagle said people can learn to live their lives by being more humble, which he said is a big lesson that should be taught to all of us.”

Be humble and you can be a lot more comfortable and more happy,” Cagles said.

When the Post’s lottery posts go viral, so does our country

This story is from The Irish, the national daily newspaper of Ireland.

A post on the Post lottery page has become the subject of national controversy.

On Monday the Irish Times’ lottery blog was inundated with comments.

Some called it a blatant rip-off, others defended it, and a few accused it of having no editorial control over the content of its lottery posts.

Many were angry that the Post had chosen to link to an article in the Washington Post.

The article said the Post would not pay the lottery winners, a claim that was widely seen as misleading.

The Washington Post did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter.

Commenters called the Post “scumbag,” “scam,” and “scoundrels,” according to the Irish Daily Mail.

A few called for the Post to be “fired” and for the Irish paper to be banned from the US.

The Post responded with a statement that said it was “disappointed that anyone would take a cynical approach to our lottery posts.”

The newspaper has also posted on the lottery site that it will continue to update the lottery posts and would consider making changes to the site if required.

Some commenters also said that the post should be “shut down.”

A representative from the Post did respond to questions about the controversy on Monday.

“Post lottery posts do not control our content, but they certainly are a source of great excitement and entertainment for our readers,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

The Irish Daily Post has a history of making provocative posts about lottery tickets.

In April, the newspaper published a photo of a dead man lying in a pool of blood after he had won a $1.3 million jackpot.

A similar photo had appeared on its site in 2015, and the paper published a story claiming that a man who had won $1 million in the lottery had been murdered.

A year later, the paper posted a picture of a man lying on the ground with his head and torso lying next to each other in a cemetery.

Man in uniform, helmet, face paint found on Pittsboro football team

A man wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, face mask, a Pittsburgh Panthers hat and wearing what appears to be a Pittsburgh football helmet has been found on a Pittsborough team bus, police said.

Police said Monday that the driver of the team bus saw the man and alerted them.

The man was taken into custody and was booked into the Allegheny County Jail on charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest, police spokesman Sgt. Brian Gann said.

The Pittsburgh Police Department also is assisting with the investigation.

The Steelers and Panthers will play on Sunday in Pittsburgh at 4 p.m.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that a witness told police that the man had been on the team buses at the Pittsburgh airport, but that he was not on the bus when the incident occurred.

‘The worst kind of hate’: A woman’s experience of hate at a Trump rally

When Heather Heyer died in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend, there was an outpouring of anger, anger and grief from all over the country.

A woman from Pennsylvania, who had been a lifelong Democrat, who was not affiliated with the Trump campaign, tweeted out her grief: “I am mourning the loss of my friend, Heather Heyser, who lost her life defending our values and our way of life.

My heart breaks for the people of #Charlottesville and the country at large.”

Many others expressed similar sentiments: “Her death is so devastating, and I feel like I need to do something about it,” said one commenter.

“We need to stop this hate.

It is disgusting.

It has to stop,” added another.

“She was the last person in the world who should have been targeted by Trump,” said another.

A few days later, a white supremacist and alt-right activist named Richard Spencer, whose online presence has grown over the years, showed up at a “free speech” rally in Portland, Oregon, where Heather Heyers husband and daughter were attending.

Spencer was not in Charlottesville for the demonstration, but he had been there several times previously and had been invited to speak by the mayor, a Democrat.

He made his way to the front of the crowd, where he began chanting “get ’em out,” before shouting out his message: “Get ’em off the stage!”

A white supremacist shouted at Spencer: “We are the future of the United States!”

Spencer responded: “Fuck you, you’re dead.”

A few minutes later, as Spencer made his rounds on the other side of the street, a young woman yelled out from behind him: “He’s going to get you!”

The man was later identified as a 29-year-old named Matthew Heyer, who died after being hit in the back by a car driven by a man wearing a white shirt.

Spencer and the other man, who were identified as James Alex Fields Jr. and Timothy Loehmann, are facing murder and other charges in connection with the killing.

It’s not clear how much time the two men had to reach the rally, which drew tens of thousands of people and the city’s largest gathering of alt-Right activists.

The white supremacist rally was not the first time Spencer has been seen in public.

In April, he was spotted holding a Confederate flag and other white supremacist paraphernalia outside of a Trump campaign rally in North Carolina.

Spencer, who once posted a photo of himself posing with a Confederate battle flag, was arrested on Tuesday, and his supporters were also arrested.

He was released on $1 million bail and has since been banned from Twitter.

He is scheduled to appear in court again on Tuesday.

(Spencer has since denied any involvement in the rally.)

“What happened to Heather Heyers family is the worst kind.

They were not a part of that rally.

They weren’t a part,” said the woman in Pennsylvania, the woman who tweeted about the rally.

“The white supremacists are a disgrace to America and the way that we all live.

They’re a disgrace.

They are not Americans.”

Heyer’s death also was a catalyst for a string of other rallies that have turned violent.

One of those protests, on Saturday, was in response to the killing of Heather Hecker, a University of Wisconsin student who was killed on campus in September.

“I’m sorry to say that Heather Hecher’s death has created a new wave of violence,” the president of the University of California, Berkeley, wrote on Facebook.

“It was a terrible tragedy that has devastated her family and their community.

And it will continue to do so until we find justice.”

Another protester, an activist named Aaron Swartz, was sentenced to two years in prison on Friday for a 2009 hack of a website that he helped to develop.

Swartz later admitted to a string, coordinated hacking attacks against a federal contractor, and was released from prison in May after serving two years.

On Tuesday, a federal judge in Seattle, in the first case to be prosecuted under President Donald Trump, ordered the prosecution of Aaron Swarthmore, a software engineer who helped develop the open source open source browser Firefox, on charges of hacking into and stealing government records.

The charges stem from a 2014 investigation into Swarthrights work at Google.

In a statement, Swarthaller’s lawyers said they were disappointed by the judge’s decision, but “we are hopeful that the judge will reconsider this action and allow the prosecution to move forward in a way that allows us to focus on the victims and the families of Aaron.”

(Swarthmore was convicted of hacking the National Security Agency in the case.)

Swarthsome was sentenced in November for his role in the 2011 hack of an open source web site.

The investigation was led by the Office of Naval Intelligence, which has been accused of using its hacking tools to target U.S. military,

Nyan Cat to get 4-D printing and laser scanner

Nyan cat, a creature of the night that appears in science fiction, will get its own 3-D printer and laser scanners, Bloomberg reports.

Nyan Cat, the first creature from the movie “The Mummy” that appeared in “The Day After Tomorrow,” was created by an inventor in Japan who is now based in the U.S. In addition to the Nyan, which can grow up to 10 feet long, researchers are working on a more humanoid Nyan that will have legs and be able to fly.

We don’t know what we’re going to do with this creature, but if we can make it more like a dog, we can do it with this technology.

While we have yet to see a Nyan in the real world, we are making good progress on this, the inventor said in a press release on the Nya3D website.

I’ve been working with a team of engineers, scientists, and others to design a Nya that will be much more like the Nydas of the past, he said.

The prototype is in testing and is already showing incredible improvements in a variety of areas.

It’s about time, said Stephen Hsu, president of Nya, in a statement to Bloomberg.

The Nyan’s design is more advanced than what we’ve seen from any other creature of its kind.

The Nyan was created in Japan and used in the movie.

“Nyan” director Sam Peckinpah said in the press release that Nyan has “no legs” and no “wings” because it doesn’t have any DNA.

For decades, scientists have been exploring ways to create artificial limbs.

A 3-dimensional printer could print out a limb, and a laser scanner could scan it to determine how it looks.

Researchers also hope to develop a “neuroscanner” that can scan the brain to find the exact locations of certain structures and the exact function of certain neurons.

There’s no guarantee the Nyans will work for humans, but a robot or a robot-like creature would have the potential to improve our understanding of how our bodies work.

How to Buy a Lot More Wrist Watches for Less Than $200

The Post Malone blog has been a favorite among fashion-minded hipsters for years.

Now, with a brand-new line of wristwatches that can be bought for under $200, you can finally experience a brand new look at the Post Malone Instagram page.

The Post Malone Watches range consists of a wide range of models, but the most popular models, such as the Post Malone Watch 1, have been released since last year.

These watches are the perfect example of the Post’s commitment to high-end luxury and design.

The Post is also launching a new collection called the Post 6×6 Post collection, which will be available starting today.

The collection will be exclusively available through its Instagram account.

Here are some of the most important features of the new Post Malone watches:Post Malone has a very specific and detailed watch design that’s built from the top to the bottom, using a leather-like material that provides a solid feel to the watch.

The caseback has a brushed stainless steel look to it, and the watch has a rose gold dial with a unique “post maloni” decoration that appears on the hands and back of the watch face.

This decoration is designed to represent Post Malone’s post-mixed-media approach to design, and it’s actually reminiscent of Post Malone and his band.

The watch has three hour markers and is available in gold or silver.

The new Post Maloni watches come in five colors, including rose gold, platinum and blue, and there are also three gold band options, as well as a platinum band option.

The Watch 1 is a limited edition model, and is priced at $175, while the Post Watch 2 is $150.

The new Post Watch 3 is priced $175.

The Watch 3 has a stainless steel bracelet with a leather strap and gold accents.

The strap has a gold buckle, and comes in gold, rose gold and platinum colors.

The post-watcher watches come with a stainless-steel bracelet, a gold clasp, a rose-gold strap, and a rose metal buckle.

The bracelet is gold-plated and the clasp is plated silver.

The straps are also gold-spun and have an embossed gold design.

The watch comes with an adjustable strap, an adjustable buckle, a stainless strap, a platinum strap, two straps and a titanium buckle.

The wristwares are available in sizes ranging from 5-inch to 8-inch.

For now, the Post says that the watches will be discontinued in April 2019.

For more information on the new watches, read the Post blog post here.

When it comes to ’emotional intelligence’, what do you use to assess your relationship?

In the US, there is a large movement to replace “emotional” and “intelligence” with “cognitive” and the US has a long history of this.

It is no surprise that cognitive is a catchall term for the whole range of cognitive skills that a person can use to judge their own relationship.

There are two main types of cognitive, which have different meanings and which can be used in different contexts: general cognitive abilities (gCAs), which are generally considered to include everything from reasoning, to decision making, to empathy, to problem solving, to verbal and nonverbal communication.

And then there are “cognition abilities”, which are typically considered to be the ability to use abstract reasoning, memory and inference, as well as to form abstract and inferential hypotheses.

So what is it that makes someone an “emotionally intelligent” person?

It’s not necessarily that they have more cognitive skills, but that they are more “emoticised”.

In a study of over 1,000 people, published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers found that the more emotional a person was about their relationship, the more their gCAs tended to be lower than the general cognitive skills.

“Emotional intelligence is associated with empathy, which may be a function of cognitive abilities, but it is also associated with social competence and the ability of people to form and maintain positive and supportive relationships,” they wrote. 

In other words, when you think of “emotions”, the most common way of thinking about them is that they can be useful indicators of what is happening in a relationship.

But what is emotional intelligence?

Cognitive ability is a complex concept and it has been around for thousands of years.

There is no single definition of “cogito ergo sum” in the English language.

It can mean different things depending on the context.

In the ancient Greeks, it was a mental attribute that could be measured by the use of an instrument called the “opisthoton”, a device that was usually attached to a person’s wrist.

The instrument consisted of a set of mirrors, usually with an image of a person on them, which could be used to assess how well someone could perform certain tasks, such as judging whether a particular object or person is moving.

It was an important part of the social skill, and was considered an important trait in the workplace, as it allowed the person to perform tasks that required good mental skills.

But the ancient Romans did not have a system for measuring emotion, so the idea of using a device was not widespread until the Roman Empire took over.

The first recorded use of the term “emoticon” to describe emotion came in the 17th century.

Emotion, as defined in this context, was understood to include a sense of concern, anger, fear, joy, pleasure, and disgust.

It also included feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, fear and excitement.

In this sense, it is possible to think of emotions as “feelings” and, in turn, to think that people who are not emotionally intelligent should be avoided. 

The word “emotive” also has a specific meaning in this respect.

Emotive means “to act with a purpose or purposeful desire” and it can also be used with other words to describe emotions such as “wanting”. 

But it is not the only way that we can think of an emotion.

It has also been suggested that people can be emotionally intelligent if they can use their emotions to form an opinion about their partner or other people.

It’s this “empathising” process that psychologists call “empathy”.

When we feel compassion towards another person, we are more likely to agree with their feelings about their behaviour, whether or not it’s a good or bad thing for them.

It might be that empathy can be an effective way to form positive and positive relationships, even if it’s only for the person you are empathising with.

“It is possible that the ability for empathy is more of a function for empathy than we thought, as people tend to be more sensitive to their own emotional states, as opposed to others,” Dr Lott said.

“In other words empathy is a function that people use to help them better understand themselves and other people.”

It is not just the emotions that we need to use in our relationships that have a connection to empathy.

In a 2014 study, a team from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) looked at data from a series of studies conducted in the US over the past decade and found that there was a significant correlation between emotional intelligence and social intelligence.

The study looked at more than 200,000 US adults aged between 18 and 65 and found a link between their scores on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (wechslev) and the level of emotional intelligence they displayed.

Emotional intelligence has been shown to correlate with social intelligence

New Cuomo post office holiday card features a photo of Cuomo

NEW YORK (AP) — New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo’s new post office card featuring the likeness of Gov.

Brian Schweitzer shows him wearing a coat similar to the one worn by Schweitzer when he was New York’s top law enforcement officer.

Cuomo signed the card Tuesday in the Governor’s Office.

Cuomistas governor’s office says the card features Schweitzer wearing a shirt from a New York City clothing store that is selling a shirt that features the governor’s image on the back.

Cuomi’s spokeswoman, Catherine Egan, told the Associated Press that the card was created with the express purpose of celebrating the Governor and his administration’s achievements.

Farrah Fawkcett, 18×25 poster frame for J-Pop poster frame

When you think of Farrah, you probably think of her “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fame.

Her looks have been on the cover of Vanity Fair for years, and her signature red lipstick has been a staple of her signature look for years.

But for a lot of people, Farrah has never been a household name.

For years, she was just another model, an actress, or a pop star who got into modeling for the sake of fame.

But she has changed her life.

In the last year, Farah has launched a career in the modeling world, and has taken a leap into acting.

Now, she has a new film called The Real Housewife of Beverly, and is working on a television show called The Bachelor, a reality competition show that’s airing in New York City right now.

Farrah talks to TIME about the life of an actress in the industry, and the future of her career.

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