New Cuomo post office holiday card features a photo of Cuomo

NEW YORK (AP) — New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo’s new post office card featuring the likeness of Gov.

Brian Schweitzer shows him wearing a coat similar to the one worn by Schweitzer when he was New York’s top law enforcement officer.

Cuomo signed the card Tuesday in the Governor’s Office.

Cuomistas governor’s office says the card features Schweitzer wearing a shirt from a New York City clothing store that is selling a shirt that features the governor’s image on the back.

Cuomi’s spokeswoman, Catherine Egan, told the Associated Press that the card was created with the express purpose of celebrating the Governor and his administration’s achievements.

Farrah Fawkcett, 18×25 poster frame for J-Pop poster frame

When you think of Farrah, you probably think of her “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fame.

Her looks have been on the cover of Vanity Fair for years, and her signature red lipstick has been a staple of her signature look for years.

But for a lot of people, Farrah has never been a household name.

For years, she was just another model, an actress, or a pop star who got into modeling for the sake of fame.

But she has changed her life.

In the last year, Farah has launched a career in the modeling world, and has taken a leap into acting.

Now, she has a new film called The Real Housewife of Beverly, and is working on a television show called The Bachelor, a reality competition show that’s airing in New York City right now.

Farrah talks to TIME about the life of an actress in the industry, and the future of her career.

How to use the ‘posthole digger’ on Facebook

Posted November 09, 2018 07:22:18 Facebook has released a series of “tweets” designed to help people learn how to use its trending posts feature, which allows users to share photos, posts, news and more with the world.

The feature was created in early 2016 and was meant to be a tool for people to share their news and views on Facebook with their friends and followers.

But Facebook has since removed the feature, saying it’s not useful enough to make users feel like they’re being shared by friends and family.

Instead, the company has built a series that are aimed at “engaging people in more intimate conversations” with their posts, said a Facebook spokesperson in a statement.

The hashtags for the series include:”Posthole diggers,” “posthole” and “post.”

“Postholes” and the “post” are common terms used to refer to postholes, which are posts on Facebook that are posted to an image shared on social media, typically a picture of a posthole, according to the company.

“Posting a post hole means the person who made the post took a picture and then put it up on their wall,” the company said.

“For example, if you’re in a group and a friend of yours makes a post on Facebook about how he wants to get back at you for being a bad neighbor, you could say something like, ‘Hey, I got a post about you.’

You could make a post and say, ‘I want you to stop harassing me,’ and you could also say something in the same tone of voice as ‘I got a great picture.'””

If you share something on Facebook, you can click the link in the post to get the post, and the posthole icon will be there on your wall,” Facebook said.

The “postholes” series is designed to be personalized for each user, the Facebook spokesperson said.

Each of the posts features a photo of a “post hole,” with a caption explaining what it’s about.

For example, a photo could read: “I had a great post hole last week!


The series also includes hashtags to make it easier to share the posts: #postholes, #posting, #dontpostholes and #dudeposthole.

When is it OK to shoot at police in Canada?

It’s the year 2018, and as a country, we are at a turning point in how we treat our police officers.

We’re talking about the murder of a black man by a white cop, the shooting of an unarmed black man, the brutalization of young black men in Canada’s prisons.

But we’re not there yet.

Here’s how things could be different if we had police who felt safe and who felt supported by the government.

The year is 2018, a good time to look at the state of policing in Canada.

But there’s a reason why we don’t talk about this: It’s not about a police officer.

It’s about the police and the way they are policed in Canada today.

In Canada, the only time we talk about the state is when someone dies in police custody.

But the vast majority of police in the country have been doing their jobs well, with a lot of good officers and a lot less bad ones.

This is a state where police officers feel they can get away with it.

If a police force can’t, it doesn’t matter how good they are, what they wear or what they say, if they feel unsafe, they will just shoot the officer.

When police officers in Canada feel unsafe they don’t shoot them.

But this doesn’t mean police officers who are scared to talk about their experiences aren’t also scared to be publicly seen, and so the public’s trust in the police is eroded.

It means police officers are seen as weak, that they can be fired, that their families are ostracized, and that their relationships with their communities are eroded.

But when police officers don’t feel safe, they are more likely to do the things they know will hurt them.

They’re more likely, for example, to engage in illegal activities.

They are more prone to using excessive force.

They have a higher rate of mental illness, and they have more problems with alcohol and substance abuse.

Police officers are also more likely than the general population to have been victims of sexual assault.

It is not uncommon for police officers to engage with other police officers and report on incidents involving police officers, because it is safer for them to do so than to report on a crime committed by another person.

Police are more often perceived as the victim, the one who was harmed.

And they’re often seen as targets for reprisals.

They can be attacked for the same things that victims of crime are: for having a poor job, for being poor, for not paying taxes.

And so when police do not feel safe they feel like they are at the mercy of the police.

This has resulted in the erosion of public trust in police officers: When people feel unsafe by a police agency, they don�t trust them.

And when they trust police officers that don�s when the public sees them as weak and the public wants to put them out of work.

And that’s exactly what we saw happen when police in New Brunswick were forced to remove their badge and baton from their uniforms and wear them only in the presence of a civilian, because the province was unable to pay for uniforms and other costs.

It was the height of public outrage, and New Brunswick’s police union called the move a �slap in the face to police officers everywhere.� This is why the government’s response to the incident was to put out a statement saying that police officers must be allowed to wear their police uniforms and badges in public.

But police officers did not want to wear badges in the public.

Instead, they wore their uniforms in their offices, on the street, or on the job.

And the police officers had no choice.

They had to take the badges off because they were not allowed to do it in the workplace.

This was not about police officers being afraid to talk to the public, it was about police agencies not being able to meet the expectations of the public when they have to wear uniforms.

The police have always had a role to play in policing communities.

But policing has never been the way police work.

This trend has been going on for decades.

Police have been involved in communities that are very diverse.

For example, in the 1960s, when Canada was forming its police force, there were two groups of people who lived together in the same community: one group was poor and black, and the other was white and middle class.

The former group lived on the streets and the latter lived in homes.

This kind of community interaction has been seen in other countries.

For instance, in France, there was a very large social network of people living together, and people in that network were referred to as `pigottes’ because they had pig-tails.

And in Australia, there is a large social networking network that is called the community network.

And this is how it has worked in Canada for decades, even though police are only a tiny minority of the population.

Police in Canada are

‘This man should be hanged’: Police officer who punched, tasered, arrested on Facebook after being arrested over Facebook rant was cleared

Posted April 11, 2020 07:06:38A British man was cleared of a charge of assault by a magistrate after being charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent following an altercation on Facebook.

The court heard a 22-year-old man, from Liverpool, had been drinking with his friends in February when he made an insulting comment on a video he had shared on the social network.

The defendant, who cannot be named, told police he had punched the man after the victim told him he had been involved in an altercation with police.

He was arrested at his home in Liverpool, the court heard.

The victim’s friends claimed he had a history of mental illness and was taking medication.

The magistrate found the defendant had a mental health issue and that the victim had been provoked by his “unpleasant” comments.

The defendant was given a 12-month suspended sentence.

Mr Justice George White, QC, said: “I am satisfied the defendant did not intend to cause grievous harm.”

The defendant’s conduct did not amount to an attack on any of the victim’s family members or friends.

“He said it was “clear that he was concerned about the reputation of the complainant and his own actions”.

The judge said the victim suffered “severe mental health difficulties” and the court could not “accept his defence of self-defence”.

The case was heard by Justice Helen Smith in the High Court in Liverpool.

She said: “The court is satisfied that the defendant acted with reasonable caution and it is not in my view that the offending was likely to cause or escalate the incident to such a degree that it would have been likely to provoke the defendant to resort to force.”

He has been given an appropriate custodial sentence.”

A spokeswoman for the Home Office said: ”It is important that any victim of domestic violence receive appropriate support and the police should be vigilant in their work.

“Police officers should always act with care and caution in their duties.”

There are very clear guidelines to keep offenders in check and the public should not take the law into their own hands.

How to manage the kittery post tracking algorithm

Posted October 12, 2018 07:31:51In the days after Donald Trump’s inauguration, some retailers, restaurants, hotels and retailers reported that their post tracking systems were being attacked.

Some reported receiving emails from bots that pretended to be post tracking agencies.

Others said they received emails from companies that were attempting to sell their data to foreign governments.

The Federal Trade Commission has opened an investigation into whether the botnet used by the Russians was part of a broader scheme to target consumers in the United States.

The FBI is investigating whether the Russian government used bots to target US consumers.

The Trump administration has not denied any of the allegations, but has suggested the bots were designed to make money.

But the administration has been less vocal about the bots themselves.

Trump’s top trade adviser has said the bots could have been set up to help the Russians gain access to the Trump team, and that Trump and his team should be more forthcoming about the use of botnets.

“We don’t know who the actors are,” said White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

“The fact is that there’s a whole bunch of people who want to have access to people’s personal information.”

He said the president’s team was working on ways to “make sure that we’re not giving away personal information that’s going to the Russians.”

Trump’s administration is working on a proposal to make it harder for the Russian cyber operatives to target American consumers, and the Trump administration is trying to figure out a way to protect American companies from a new wave of botnet attacks.

The administration wants Congress to authorize the Cybersecurity Advisory Board to create a system that would identify cyberattacks against the private sector and make it easier for companies to identify the botnets that are used to commit the attacks.

It also wants the board to require that private companies with a cyberattack-related incident report the attacks to the government and get an update within 24 hours.

Trump and the administration have also called for a stronger approach to cybersecurity and cybersecurity legislation, which is currently stalled in the House.

Trump is reportedly considering an executive order that would ban the use by foreign governments of social engineering tools to gain access or manipulate Americans’ social media profiles.

Trump has repeatedly questioned the efficacy of such tools, saying he believes they could be used to spy on Americans and steal information about them.

The White House has also been critical of the United Nations, saying it doesn’t have the capacity to protect the information it collects.

What is the poster store?

Posted October 09, 2018 12:11:20In the early 1970s, a poster store opened in the Panhandle of Texas.

The name was a reference to a common, American term used to refer to a newspaper post.

The store was one of the few places in the United States that could sell posters and other advertising.

It closed in 1990, but is still around today, in a small storefront in the small town of Oceanside.

“It was kind of a joke,” says John Sperling, the founder of the Panhandling Posters of Texas chapter, which opened the store.

“We had a small store in Oceansville and there was a poster shop in town, but we didn’t have a place to put them in.

We were thinking of that.”

The original store was a convenience store and the poster shop was a bookstore.

Sperlin says the post office opened the original store and a book store together.

“The original poster store was pretty close to the book shop, and the book store was close to where the posters were delivered,” he says.

“It was a pretty direct relationship.”

The shop was closed in 1999 and Sperlings family bought the property and opened a new poster store in 2010.

“Our original business was in the back of a grocery store and we decided we needed a bigger store and started out with a store that had a different name and a different feel,” he recalls.

“A lot of the people who went in had never heard of the place before, so we didn.

A lot of them had never seen the place.

So, a lot of those people didn’t know where it was.

We had a little bit of a reputation for the small, old, nondescript shop, but it was the first of many stores that were going to come along.”

The Post office opened its doors in 1973 in the town of Panhandle.

The original Post office in the panhandle, located at 6091 N. Main St., is now part of the City of Panichia post office complex.

The original Post Office in the north end of Panilla, near the intersection of Main and River roads, was built in 1910.

The building was designed by Henry S. Wood and the original Postmaster General was James F. Boulton.

The Post office was renamed the Post Office of the United State in 1915 after James B. Clark.

In the 1920s, the Post office became the first location in the country to offer free post office and postcard services to all of the country’s territories.

The office moved to the new Post Office Building at the University of North Texas in 1953, which was also the site of the first newspaper in the US to be printed in a color newspaper.

It moved to its current location in 1971.

The post office in Panhandle became a landmark landmark in the city and in the state of Texas, in part because of the popularity of the post cards it issued.

Today, more than 10 million postcards are issued to each postmaster in the world.

The paper is printed on high quality paper that is certified organic and is certified by the U.S. Post Office.

The first Texas Postmaster in 1917 was John S. Moore.

Moore was a founding member of the Texas Historical Commission and a member of its board of directors from the time he joined the commission.

He served for more than two decades as the chairman of the Historical Commission, and he also served as its chief administrator.

In addition to the Post Post Office, the first Texan Postmaster to reside in the Rio Grande Valley was W. B. Johnson in 1875.

Johnson is known as one of Texas’ great postmasters, because he created and expanded post office service in the Lone Star State.

The post office moved from its original location in Houston to the University Post Office on the edge of the city of San Antonio in 1922.

In 1924, the new U.T. Post office building was opened, and in 1926, the city opened its first post office.

The University Post office, located on the campus of the University at Buffalo, opened in 1938.

The Texas State Post Office is located on campus at the National Printer in San Antonio.

The Texas State and University Post offices each hold the title of Texas State University Postmaster, and all of them are recognized as National Printers by the National Association of Postmasters.

In the 1920’s, postcards became popular in Texas.

A number of small, local postcards were printed in the early 1900s and were sold at local grocery stores, pawn shops, flea markets and thrift stores.

“We would sell them out of the back door,” Sperles says.

In fact, in 1926 the Texas State Legislature passed a law requiring that all paper mail be sold to the state for mailing.

Sperling remembers the first time he went to the

How to watch the lottery with the best team in the world

You can’t go wrong with the Florida Lottery.

You can get a ticket to watch every single game in a single day.

And you can do that in the comfort of your own home.

But that’s not the only reason you should watch the NBA playoffs.

It’s also a great time to play some pickup basketball, too.

There are a lot of great teams in the NBA and even some great players.

Here are the best teams in all 32 NBA divisions and their best players.

The Washington WizardsThe Washington Warriors have the league’s best record at 35-4 and the most wins in the past five seasons.

They won a record-setting 76 games in a row in 2015-16.

The Brooklyn Nets have the best record in the East at 27-5 and the third-best record in their past five years.

They’ve made the playoffs in every season since 2012-13 and are now the favorites to win it all again this year.

The New Orleans Pelicans have won nine straight games, the most in the history of the league, and have been a playoff contender since the start of the year.

They have three players averaging at least 20 points a game, the best ratio in the league.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have won the past six games and are the only team with a winning record since the All-Star break.

They also have a new coach, Adrian Veiga, and a new front office, led by former GM Sam Mitchell, who signed a five-year, $60 million contract.

The Milwaukee Bucks have won seven straight and have a record of 13-1 since the break.

The team has been in the playoffs for 10 of the past 12 seasons and has made the postseason each of the last two seasons.

The Miami Heat have won eight straight games and have the second-best winning percentage in the Western Conference.

They’re currently tied for the league lead with the New Orleans Hornets for the best point differential in the West.

The Portland Trail Blazers have won 10 straight and the best mark in the Northwest Division at 25-6.

They haven’t lost a game in their last nine games and won seven of their last eight overall.

The Toronto Raptors have won six straight games in the first half and are currently tied with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third best record on the Eastern Conference standings.

They finished the season with the NBA’s third-highest winning percentage (48.7%) and the fourth-best net rating (1.9 rating).

The Indiana Pacers have won five straight games since the second game of the season and have now won their last six.

They played the most difficult schedule in the Eastern conference, losing seven of eight and posting the best net rating in the conference at 3.1.

The Boston Celtics are the defending champions, but they’ve been in a long drought since winning seven straight games from Nov. 5-15.

They’ll face the New York Knicks on Saturday, which is one of the toughest matchups in the season.

The Philadelphia 76ers have won 11 of 12 since Nov. 14 and are still in the playoff hunt.

They just won their first playoff series since 1999, losing a thrilling Game 7 to the Atlanta Hawks.

The Celtics lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2015 Eastern Conference semifinals.

The Atlanta Hawks are in their third season in the top spot in the standings and have won 13 straight.

The Hawks are also the team with the most victories in the entire league (18).

The Cavaliers are the team in third place with the second highest winning percentage at 56.1%.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently in second place in the Central Division with a record that would rank among the top 10 teams in basketball history.

The Cavaliers have won 16 straight games with a plus-22 point differential.

The San Antonio Spurs are the reigning Western Conference champions, and they have won 20 straight games.

They were the surprise team to the NBA playoff race last season when they blew a 16-point lead in the final minutes to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

They still have a chance to become the first team in NBA history to win 25 straight games this season.

They’re also the reigning champions in the South.

The Spurs have won four straight and are in second spot with a 25-3 record.

They play the most tough schedule in all of basketball with a 12-game road trip.

They can win a game there and take home the NBA title.

The Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Mavericks are in third with a league-best 18-7 record and will face the Los Antonio Spurs on Saturday.

They will be playing at home and have played their best basketball since the NBA All-Stars in the summer of 2013.

The Mavericks won nine games in January and the season ended with a 105-97 victory over the Spurs.

The Dallas Mavericks are a playoff team and they will be looking to repeat the magic of the 2014-15 season.

They are coming off a 10-win campaign and will be making the playoffs again after winning

“Long Beach Post” writer says he’s a “long shot” to win nomination for a Pulitzer prize

LONDON—A longtime New York Times reporter who is the subject of a federal investigation for allegedly falsifying information on his Pulitzer Prize-winning article about a long-term, secret relationship between the Clintons and the president’s inner circle says he is “100% convinced” that the Post is behind the article’s downfall.

“I think it was just a coincidence,” Joe Conason told the Daily Beast.

“It’s the most blatant example of the Post’s power grab in the history of American journalism.

It was clearly done with the intent of doing harm to me.

And the way they did it was to create a false narrative about me, which they then ran in the Washington Post and then in the New York Post, which I knew was false.”

Conason, who now lives in New York, first reported in January that the FBI had opened a criminal investigation into the Post after concluding that he had doctored portions of his story.

The article was retracted after it was revealed that Conason had not met with the president or his advisers for nearly two months, and that he was the only reporter to interview the president.

“The Post is the single biggest story in the news business right now,” Conason said.

“There’s a huge amount of money being made off of that story.

Conathan, who has worked for the Post for 16 years, told the publication that he did not contact any of the president, his staff, his lawyers, his aides, or anyone else associated with his reporting on the case. “

And it’s just absolutely disgusting.”

Conathan, who has worked for the Post for 16 years, told the publication that he did not contact any of the president, his staff, his lawyers, his aides, or anyone else associated with his reporting on the case.

He said that he has been repeatedly denied access to any records relating to the investigation by Post editors, despite multiple requests.

The Post has declined to comment.

Conason first started working for the newspaper in 1994.

After leaving the paper, he continued to write for other outlets.

But he has said that his reporting about the Clintons is often partisan, and has written articles critical of the Clintons.

He has also criticized the Post in the past for covering the death of journalist Daniel Schorr, who was killed in a car crash in 2008 while on assignment in Washington.

Conathan said he has received threats from people he knows on the Hill.

“That’s the last thing I want to see,” he said.

Conamanst, whose story about the former president’s relationship with his daughter was published in the Post, also said he was initially offered a position at the Post by the Clintons in 1999, but was turned down.

“They were really trying to do me a favor, to make me feel like I was being hired for a job and not being asked to do anything,” Conamanstant said.

He also told the paper that he believes the Post was involved in pressuring him to drop the investigation.

“To me, that’s like saying the New Yorker was trying to kill me.

You know what I mean?

The New Yorker, the Washington Star, and the New England Journal are all reporting on my story, and it’s my story,” Conant said.

The former Post reporter told the New Statesman he did contact the Post but was denied an interview.

“You have to understand, when you’re a reporter, you’re basically telling people that you can’t talk to you for money,” Conahan said.

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